How It Works



Before you arrive in resort you will first need to decide which resort and fill out the following information 1. Pick a resort. 2. Choose your arrival date. 3. Check availability. 4. Secure your place.


Join our members only group

Next you will need to Join the members only group to - start getting to know other ace members arriving on your date. An ideal way to find out who you would like to share your workers accommodation with.


Receive your Welcome Package

Once you have paid off £100 or more of your total package price we will then send out your official welcome pack via post. Once you have paid your package off in FULL you will automatically be added into the members only chat group.


Time to get organised

You'll be spending the summer abroad so its important that you get organised early with flights, travel insurance, travel money card, EHIC Card, spending money etc. For help here please message one of our Ace Working Holidays Reps


The week before your arrival you’will be added into a separate arrivals group chat At this stage we will confirm sharing arrangements Give you advice on organizing transfers explain where you’will meet your rep on arrival.

When you meet your rep they will then move you into your accommodation and explain what we have planned for your first night and the week ahead.

  • Q. Will I be looked after?

    A. Definitely! Ace Working Holidays is the only workers’ company based in the UK at our regional office and in our main resort office in the heart of Magaluf. This is crucial! We provide quality face-to-face time with our members, wherever they are. Imagine coming to work abroad, having a problem, and the company representing have no reps in resort…nightmare! We set up our business because we saw the problems workers were experiencing. We thought change was needed and we’ve now successfully brought out more than 2,500 members and counting.

  • Q. What’s the process before I arrive?

    A. The first step is to fill in the application on this website, you should then receive a response within 48hours of your application. If after 24 hours you haven’t been contacted by a rep directly or received an acceptance e-mail from us, you can contact the Head Rep Fabio Delgado or any other rep in our Facebook group ‘I WANT TO WORK IN MAGALUF’. Or, you can use the contact details provided on the home page of this website. Once you’ve received your acceptance e-mail with your login details, you can login and start to make payments towards your summer working holiday package. The first £50 paid towards any of our packages automatically secures your place in Ace Working Holidays accommodation for the summer. So that’s the accommodation sorted and one less thing to worry about! With that initial payment, you will also be added and introduced into a members-only group with all the other members. You can start getting to know your potential housemates. At the start of the summer, the managers will be added so you can start to contact them to secure job trials. When £100 or more has been paid towards your chosen package, we’ll send out your welcome pack in the post, and it’s time to start looking at flights to resort as these are not included in your package. Typically, the sooner you book the cheaper it tends to be. Once you’ve paid your package off in full and have your flights booked, you can sit back and relax while we organise everything for you. Approaching your arrival date, a rep will contact you for your flight details to organise your transfer to resort.

  • Q. What’s the process when I arrive?

    A. We meet you off the transfer in resort and take you to meet your landlord. The landlord will take you through the rules and regulations of the accommodation and give you contact details in case of any accommodation-related emergencies. You will then be left to settle in and if you don’t already, get to know the others you’ll be sharing with. Depending on when you arrive, there may be an event you can attend on the first night. Or, for those arriving late or alone, their first event may be the next day. The rep will explain what’s on and when on arrival. You’ll likely want a week or so to settle in, get to know the resort if you haven’t been before, and get friendly with the other members. When you’re ready to start work, it’s time to sit down with your rep to discuss the options and decide on the best course of action.

  • Q. My parents are concerned about me coming away on my own.

    A. We will happily speak to your parents to reassure them of any concerns they have. All of our parents had the same reservations when we decided to make the big jump into working abroad, so we have all been there. Even when you are working with us in A. galuf, we will always be on hand to answer any reservations that may have arisen.

  • Q. What is included in the package?

    A. Definitely! Ace Working Holidays is the only workers’ company based in the UK at our regional office and in our main resort office in the heart of Magaluf. This is crucial! We provide quality face-to-face time with our members, wherever they are. Imagine coming to work abroad, having a problem, and the company representing have no reps in resort…nightmare! We set up our business because we saw the problems workers were experiencing. We thought change was needed and we’ve now successfully brought out more than 2,500 members and counting.

  • Q. I’m coming to work on my own. Is this common?

    A. Yes. In Magaluf alone last year, more than 80% of our workers came out alone. Don’t feel daunted! You’ll make friends with people travelling out with you and through the members only group before you leave the UK. Most people are in the same boat as you.

  • Q. I’m coming out to work with friends. Can we all live in the same apartment

    A. In order to share accommodation with friends you must be on the same package and arrive the same date. We always ensure you can share an apartment with friends where possible. We always listen to your preferences. You may want to live in a house full of boys, girls, or close to the nightlife. We promise to do the very best we can to ensure you get what you request.

  • Q. My parents are worried about me coming out on my own. Will you talk to them?

    A. Yes, we will. We’re always happy to speak to your parents about their concerns before you come and when you’re here. It’s only natural they should worry. All our parents had reservations when we came out to work abroad. We’ve all been there. You’ll always be their baby!

  • Q. What’s included in the package?

    A. Your package includes: Your space in Ace Workers’ accommodation for the date you arrive, Ace Working Holidays T-shirt, Event tickets (free entry & discounted), Ace Working Holidays member discount wristband, Transfer from the airport to resort, Help securing job trials, Online and in resort rep service, Access to the members-only group

  • Q. Why aren’t flights included?

    A. We have a set price package to make things simple, and flight prices fluctuate. Booking your own flights is easy on websites like If you book early enough, you can get one-way flights to Magaluf (luggage included) from as little as £30. We advise single flights rather than booking a return at the outset. You’ll need your passport and credit or debit card. You’ll get a confirmation e-mail, which will get you access to your boarding pass. Your online rep can help you find cheap flights if necessary

  • Q. Do I have to work if I come away with Ace?

    A. Our mission is to find everyone work to give you a real taste of the season in our resorts. However, if you’d just like an extended holiday, you’re more than welcome to come out with us. If you don’t have plans to work, we advise you to bring plenty of spending money. You’ll need it for your 24/7 party lifestyle!

  • Q. After I complete the season with you, will there be any other work?

    A. After summer’s over, we have lots of exciting winter opportunities for our recruits. We will open our winter sun programme in Tenerife and Gran Canaria, so your journey with us doesn’t have to be over when summer ends. We love to recruit internally, and we’re always looking out for star performers to become Ace reps with us the next summer.

  • Q. Whats the best time to get jobs in Magaluf?

    A. There is no selected date which is the best to get jobs in Magaluf. Everywhere in Magaluf starts recruiting from early April and it is usually a case of 'first come first served.' Lots of the positions will be snapped up in the early weeks so coming out is certainly an advantage. The season progressively gets busier with tourists as the season moves into late May and June so more positions will open up and lots more staff are taken on. Many of our workers came out to work in late July and August last summer and we were able to find work for all of them, so don't feel you will miss out if you are not able to join us at the beginning of the season.

  • Q. How do I find jobs through you?

    A. We have built up great working relationships with the managers and bosses over the years. We know what they look for, making it much easier for us to connect the right Ace member to their ideal job. Our bar managers, club directors, and event managers post a full list of exciting job opportunities for the summer, and you can put yourself forward for them. It’s not uncommon for lots of our members to have jobs the second they land! We pride ourselves on our experience and our ability to find sales positions and job trials within a week of arrival. We have exclusive contracts with the majority of the bars, clubs, and event companies in the resorts. We sit down and listen to what you’re interested in and we help you grab that dream summer job.

  • Q. How do job trials work?

    A. Job trials are common in resorts. Many bar and club managers feel the best way to see if you’re right for a job is to try you out. It’s your chance to shine! Got into it with energy and enthusiasm and be prepared for it to be spread out over a few days. The managers will want to make sure they are making the right decision in employing you, a decision they might need more than a few hours to make. Don’t feel disheartened if you don’t get the job on your first trial. Each of them will give you skills and experience you can take to the next role. We’ll be here for you every step of the way and won’t rest until we’ve found you a job for the season.

  • Q. What happens after my trial?

    A. If you’re successful, you’ll begin work immediately. You will need to have your NIE tax number ready (arranged through us). That allows you to be paid weekly. After that, your summer work will begin! If, however, you’re unsuccessful, it’s no problem. Everything isn’t for everyone, and it’s back to the drawing board to see where we went wrong, how we can improve, and onto the next trial.

  • Q. What type of people get jobs in Magaluf and Zante?

    A. You don’t have to be the most outrageously confident person with the ability to drink your body weight in booze every night! Everybody starts off a little nervously, and your manager will understand and take that into consideration. Regardless of where your confidence is right now, it will most certainly improve with every shift. The most successful workers are friendly, hardworking, reliable, and responsible. You need to turn up for work on time when your shift starts. It’s not just a summer-long party. You will need to be professional if you want to stay in work. There’s plenty of time to party in your time off.

  • Q. What’s the best time to get a job in Magaluf or Zante?

    A. There’s no specific date which is best. Recruitment starts in resorts in early April and it’s usually a case of first come, first served. Lots of jobs will be snapped up in those early weeks so coming out early is an advantage. The season gets busier and busier in late May and June. Lots of positions open then and more staff are taken on. Many of our workers come out in late July and August last year, and we found work for all of them. So, even if you come out later, don’t feel you’ll miss out.

  • Q. What are the wages like in the resorts? Will I be able to save money?

    A. Wages will vary from €40-€120 and sometimes more depending on your job role and experience. There are so many different jobs. In Magaluf, wages tend to be 20% higher than other young and lively resorts in Europe. The cost of living in Zante and Magaluf are so low it makes saving much easier than in the UK. How much you save will depend on how hard you work and how much you party. Many of our workers are happy to spend much of their wages on having a great time and will often come back for a second summer, settle down a little, and save hundreds sometimes thousands for travelling in the winter months.

  • Q. What are the benefits of working through Ace?

    A. We’re the only company able to offer actual jobs, not just job trials. We’re experienced, too! We’re Magaluf’s longest-running working holiday company with 50% more openings than other companies which operate in the resort. We know Magaluf like the back of our hands! Between them, our reps have 25 years of experience in the resort. Our local knowledge and experience is invaluable in preparing and training our members. Read previous workers’ reviews to get a flavour for our excellent service. We also give you two options for accommodation to tailor the summer season to your pocket.

  • Q. Do I have to come out as early as April? I have other commitments…

    A. Not at all. We have arrivals dates from April right through to August.

  • Q. Do I have to stay for the entire season?

    A. We love it when out workers stay for the entire season, but we understand everyone has commitments back home. You may need to prepare for university. You are free to book a flight and return home anytime. We can tailor our workers’ package around your arrival and departure dates, so you can maximise your time abroad.

  • Q. What happens if I can’t pay the £50 deposit right away?

    A. We understand not everyone has the money straight away, the important thing is to keep in contact with a rep and let them know your situation and when you can make the payment. We are very flexible when we know you’re having difficulties. We’ll give you as much advice as you need in the meantime. Feel free to contact us any time.

  • Q. Can I pay my package in full upfront?

    A. Yes – you can. We understand this can be less stressful. Just contact one of our reps to arrange it. Once your package is paid in full, you can book flights and sit back and relax while we organise your summer from there.