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Ace Workers packages

We know that most of your nights will be spent partying until dawn, but don’t forget your accommodation. You’ll need somewhere to come home to eventually! If you want to have a successful and enjoyable working holiday, you need a centrally-located apartment which is safe and secure and gives you all the comforts of home. Ace Workers can help! For the last five years, we’ve exclusively secured the rental contracts for the largest number of accommodation spaces in each resort. This means we can accommodate more members for longer than any other working holiday company in the resort. Our members don’t have to fly home after their 28-day package if they decide they want to stay on. Choose your resort and get in touch with the rep for Magaluf, Ibiza, Zante, Ayia Napa, Kavos, Zante or Tenerife.

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Flexible Accommodation

We understand it’s a big decision to leave your home life, your family, and friends for six months. So, we came up with a package which allows you to get a taste of working abroad without committing to a long-term worker’s apartment right away.

If you’re looking to see whether living away from home is right for you, to try something out for a month, check out this great package! It includes 28 days stay in the price. After that, if you want to stay and carry on with us, our resort reps will help you find further accommodation in our Ace Working Holidays apartments.


Magaluf Only

If you’re confident you’ll be staying in Magaluf for longer than 8 weeks, this is the package for you. Our workers’ apartments are secure, centrally located and have been used by workers for more than 15 years. Finding accommodation in Magaluf can be difficult. With so many workers, there just aren’t enough apartments for everyone. What there is can be expensive. We make finding accommodation hassle-free for you – and we save you money in the process. Our Apartment Package guarantees your place in our Ace Working Holidays apartments before you even get to the resort. You get the security of knowing your apartment is ready and waiting for you, as soon as you arrive in resort. Ace members can choose who they would like to share with from the members-only group once they’ve secured their place. When you arrive, you’ll pay a damage deposit of €150 to the landlord, which is refundable when you leave. Your weekly rent will be €100-110, and all bills are included. Arrival dates for this package are between April 1st & May 1st or July 26th onwards only.

All the above packages include…

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Guaranteed place in workers accommodation

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Assistance Booking Flights & Transfers

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Guidance from your Ace reps

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Help to find work and job trials

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Assistance setting up banks and NIE Numbers

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Great Ace workers discounts on events!

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