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Ayia Napa Workers

Want to work in Ayia Napa next Summer?

Ace Working Holidays provide a safe and secure way to work in Ayia Napa. Our resort reps know everything to help you with your Summer adventure. From meeting other workers on Facebook before you go, to helping you find a job and workers accommodation, join us for 2021!

Thousands embark on a one-of-a-kind Summer job in Ayia Napa and now it can be your opportunity. When you aren’t working, this is the perfect location to explore, the clear blue ocean and top restaurants are a vision of beauty straight out of a magazine. It’s a lively party resort set on the beautiful coast of Cyrpus. The nightlife scene is one of the best in Europe, with famous DJ’s hitting the strip every year.

Ayia Napa Real Workers
Ayia Napa Workers

What’s Included?

  • Comfortable, central accommodation
  • An official Ace welcome pack
  • All-access private members group support
  • Online rep assistance and in Ayia Napa
  • Help with finding a job
  • Support with transfers and return flights
  • Guidance with all the paperwork
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Apply for your Summer Working Holiday

Covid-19 has delayed workers being able to fly out in 2020. This means that Summer 2021 looks to be busy than ever. We recommend starting your application for Ayia Napa today so you don’t miss out!

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Ayia Napa  28 day Workers Package

Get a taste of working in Ayia napa – without committing to a long term workers apartment straight away. The package includes 28 days accommodation in a great central location. After your 28 days, if you would like to stay, simply notify your rep 2 weeks before the end of your package. They will assist you to find further workers accommodation.

How do I become an Ayia Napa worker?

Step 1

Step 1: Complete the application

Starting the process to becoming a worker in Ayia Napa is really exciting. The first step is completing your online application. You are not required to make an upfront deposit; all you have to do is create a payment plan that suits your finances. You will have up to 8 months to pay and can do this every week, two weeks or month.

Step 2

Step 2: Join our private Ayia Napa workers Facebook group

Want to make friends straight away? That is exactly what our private Facebook group is for. You can chat with other workers heading to Ayia Napa and learn more about the experience. You can even find your new roommates on here. You can chat to resort reps, and jobs will also be posted when they become available.

Step 3

Step 3: Arrange Your Flights

Your dream working holiday is getting closer and this means you need to book your flights. The earlier you do this the better. Once this is done, you can start getting excited!

Step 4

Step 4: Look out for your welcome pack

We send all of our workers a fantastic welcome pack in the post. You will receive this too when you pay off more than £60 of your working holiday package. Inside, you will get lots of helpful information, as well as an Ace Workers t-shirt and discount wristband. Make sure you share your snaps wearing it on social media, you are one of the crew now!

Step 5

Step 5: Start the job hunt

Some people want peace of mind and to sort out a job trial before they arrive in Ayia Napa. The great thing about joining Ace Working Holidays is that managers post roles in our private Facebook page before the season begins. Your Ayia Napa reps will also be on hand to help you arrange trials. There are also open days so speak to your reps about these!

Step 6

Step 6: Land in resort and begin the adventure

When you touch down in Ayia Napa, our reps are going to be there to welcome you. They will show you around your new accommodation and let you settle in. You can meet your new roommates and prepare for this amazing experience. Of course, there are plenty of fun events so that you can get acquainted with everyone. Plus, our reps are there to assist when you are ready to start work.

Past Ayia Napa Worker Reviews

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