Ayia Napa Workers

Thinking of working in Ayia Napa this Summer? We’ll not only supply your Ayia Napa Workers Accommodation but well also be at hand to help find you that perfect job too. Jobs include Reps, DJ's, PR, Dancers, Bar staff and more, we have the contacts to help you with a working trial. If you’ve never visited or worked in Ayia Napa before then take a look at our Workers Guide below – a quick guide on everything you need to know about the highlights of the resort and what to expect. If you have any questions then please drop us a message on our contact form below. Until then Bring on the Summer #AyiaNapaworkers2021


  • 28 Days Accommodation
  • Official Ace Workers Welcome Package
  • Assistance with airport transfers
  • Full access to our private members only group
  • Rep assistance online and in resort.
  • Transfer & Return flight assistance
  • NIE & Paperwork Assistance

Our 28 Day Package is the perfect bundle to get a taste of working in Ayia Napa - without committing to a long term workers apartment straight away. This includes 28 days accommodation in the price of the package below. After your 28 days if you would like to stay on then simply notify your in resort Reps 2 weeks before the end of your package and they will assist you to find further workers accommodation. For more info Click here

1st May



1st June



1st July



1st August



Ayia Napa Jobs 2021

Bar Work | Shot Girls | PR | Ticket Seller| DJ | Dancer



Safe & Secure | Close to Nightlife | Cooking Facilities



A selection of our past Ayia Napa Workers



A complete guide to working in Ayia Napa



Join our Official Ayia Napa workers group 2021



Have a Question about working in Ayia Napa - Send us a message below and one of our experienced Reps will aim to get in touch within 48 hours. Our office hours are Monday - Sunday 9am - 22:00. Alternatively, you can Call our office line on (020) 374 57 279 or Whatsapp us on +44 7948 084 411. Ace Workers Team.


  • Do I need experience to work AYIA NAPA?

    Answer: No you do not need experience to work in AYIA NAPA. Many of the job roles in AYIA NAPA will come with on the job training.
  • How do I book my place?

    Answer: The new way of securing your place with no deposit needed
  • What types of Jobs are available if I work in AYIA NAPA?

    Answer: Lots of job roles are available in AYIA NAPA. For a more detailed overview please see our AYIA NAPA Jobs page here
  • What are the wages like in AYIA NAPA?

    Answer: The wages in AYIA NAPA vary depending on you chosen Job. For more information on specific wages for certain AYIA NAPA Jobs, For a more detailed overview please see our AYIA NAPA Jobs page here
  • Will you Help me find a Job in AYIA NAPA?

    Answer: Yes! Part of the service we offer is to assist you with arranging job trials in AYIA NAPA. Simply tell us where you would like to work in AYIA NAPA and if theirs job spaces - well arrange the trial.
  • When is the best time to travel to AYIA NAPA for work?

    Answer: April and May is a good time to travel to AYIA NAPA for work. Around this time a lot of the Bars, Clubs and event companies will begin to open and start their recruitment for the summer ahead.
  • How often will I be working once I have secured a Job?

    Answer: This all depends on what AYIA NAPA Job you choose. Many jobs allow for flexibility ie Ticket Selling and some fixed hours ie Bar work etc. For a more detailed overview please see our AYIA NAPA Jobs page here
  • What happens after my first 28 days with Ace Working Holidays?

    Answer: After 28 Days - if you want to stay and carry on with us, our resort reps will help you find further accommodation in our Ace Working Holiday apartments.
  • Do I need a VISA to work in AYIA NAPA?

    Answer: No If you are from the UK then you don't need a VISA to work in AYIA NAPA
  • Why Book with Ace Working Holidays?

    Answer: Because we have over 10 years experience in AYIA NAPA and because we know every one