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Summer Jobs in Malia

Everything you need to know on working in Malia for 2024.

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Why work in Malia?

There is no better way to spend your Summer season than working in Malia! Thousands of workers descend on this popular party destination to find a job and experience the Summer of their lives .Our fantastic team of resort reps have expert knowledge living and working in this amazing coastal town of Crete. From partying, topping up the tan and making friends for life, you can do all of this with your unforgettable working holiday.

Applications are open for Malia 2024

Due to pandemic in the last couple of years, Summer jobs abroad in 2024 is more popular than ever. As long as you get your application in soon, you can reserve your place.

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Join the Malia Workers Facebook Group

Connect with our reps and fellow workers to share tips, get information and make friends. Many people find this a great way to find roommates for your shared apartment.

Malia workers accommodation

Malia Workers Accommodation

Share your apartment with other Ace Workers, walking distance of the nightlife and shops

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Malia Workers

What’s Included?

  • Great apartment living accommodation.
  • The official Ace welcome pack.
  • Private members group access 24/7.
  • Support online and in resort from experienced reps.
  • Help to find the right job for you.
  • Assistance with transfers and flights to and from Malia.

Malia 28 day Workers Package

By flying out to Malia on our 28-day workers’ package, you don’t need to commit to long term workers accommodation until you are absolutely sure this is for you. The prices vary depending on your arrival date. Lots of people choose to come out as early as possible for the initial job recruitment days.

1st Jul 2024



1st Aug 2024



1st May 2025



Read the our Malia workers’ guide

We have put together a useful guide. to what it is like living and working on the island. This is everything from managing your budgets, finding the right job, where to eat, drink and even the weather! Finding a job you enjoy is important, but let’s face it, you are here to party! We have highlighted some of the best nightlife, beaches, excursions and places to visit before you head home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of the most common questions we get asked. If you still need help please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Should I come on my own or with friends?

Going on a solo adventure can help you grow as a person and we encourage everybody to consider coming to Malia! Around 70 per cent of our workers choose to come alone and they leave with lifelong friendships and a lot of memories

My friends are also working in Malia this Summer, can we all share an apartment?

If you are coming to experience Malia with your friends, we can find suitable accommodation for you. We want you to have an awesome and unforgettable time! In addition, if you are coming on your own, you can make requests when it comes to who you share with.

Are my flights included in the package?

Unfortunately, flights are not part of our packages due to price fluctuation in the industry. But when you book your flight really early in Malia, you can get a fantastic deal. Also, booking single flights can help to keep the price low.

When is the best time to arrive in the resort?

Malia starts to get lively at the end of April and May. The season runs until September before things die down again. If you want to ensure you get a job, you can come early on. This can make the search easier. But this is not to say you cannot come from May to July. We see new jobs appearing coming at various times during the season.

Can I get assistance finding a job?

Absolutely! This is what our resort reps are here for. We know all of the tricks and secrets, as well as having good connections with managers. A lot of employers will also post on the private Facebook page and you can find work this way too. Most of our workers are able to find jobs within a few days of arriving.

How do job trials work?

Most jobs require you to complete a trial beforehand. We know that working for free can seem frustrating, but rest assured this is the perfect opportunity to show why you are the best person for the job. There can be a lot of candidates and you can demonstrate that you are going to do a fantastic job! Our reps know the ins and outs to give you tips.

What are the wages like in Malia?

You will find that wages in Malia are more than enough to enjoy your time and even save if you are careful. There is always an opportunity to earn commission and tips for extra money, which means there is flexibility. Wages can be higher in resorts like Magaluf and Ibiza, but the cost of living is in line with wages in Malia.

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