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Working holiday packages in Kavos for 2022.

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Why work in Kavos?

Kavos has always been an exciting holiday resort and now is your opportunity to work & party there all Summer long! Enjoy the sand, sea and a Summer job that allows you to make new friends and unforgettable memories. Our resort reps are there to support you, offering advice and helping you find a position you love. We take care of everything from finding your workers accommodation to planning your journey.

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Jobs Available

  • Holiday Rep
  • Bar Worker
  • Shot Seller
  • DJ
  • PR
  • Restaurant Staff
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Applications are open for Kavos 2022

With everything that has happened with Covid, Summer 2022 is more popular than ever. As long as you get your application in soon, you can reserve your place.

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kavos workers accommodation

Kavos Workers Accommodation

We work with reputable landlords to make sure your apartment has all the amenities you need. They are all in fantastic central spots.

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Kavos Workers

What’s Included?

  • A comfortable and modern apartment.
  • An official Ace welcome pack.
  • Access to a members-only group to socialise.
  • Help from reps online and in Kavos.
  • Support finding the right job.
  • Assistance with transfers and return flights.
  • Help with all the paperwork.

Kavos 28-day Workers Package

Our Kavos workers’ package is designed to allow you to experience a taste of working in Kavos – without committing to the whole Summer straight away. You will have accommodation for 28 days, with the option to stay longer if you decide to. Your rep will help you find your long term apartment if you notify them 2 weeks before the end of your stay.

Check out our Kavos worker’s guide!

If you are curious about what it is like living and working in Kavos then take a look at our Kavos Workers Guide. Our handy guide is packaged with loads of information from where to eat, where to shop, and the best nightlife in Corfu.

Join our 2022 Workers Facebook group!

Connect with our reps and fellow workers to share tips, get information and make friends. Many people find this a great way to find roommates for your shared apartment.

Frequently asked questions

Below is a list of the most common questions we get asked. If you still need help please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Can I come to Kavos on my own?

Of course! Many workers want to experience the party season and come to make friends. We find that 70 percent of are workers come solo and leave with friends for life.

Is it possible to share accommodation with friends?

We understand you may prefer to live with people you already know and we do our best to make this happen. If you are coming solo, you can also tell us your preference when it comes to roommates.

Is working necessary with Ace?

We find that most people love to work in the resort as It allows them to experience the real Kavos. That said, working is not mandatory and we can help you have a lively and unforgettable long holiday too!

When is the best time to come to Kavos?

The party season is normally from April to August. A lot of workers join us at the beginning and it can be easier to find a job. But this does not mean that you cannot join us later on! Kavos has always got lots of opportunities and you can come out as late as August if you want a taster of what this party resort has to offer.

Can you get me a job?

Here at Ace, we have some fantastic connections with businesses in Kavos. From bars to events, we can help you grab an awesome job trial. What’s more, jobs will be posted on the private Facebook page. We find that a lot of our workers find a job within a few days of arriving.

Are job trials mandatory?

We find that most jobs will require a trial – although not all. This can seem scary but it is actually a great opportunity to stand out and show your personality. Whether you are serving drinks or selling events, use this opportunity to shine. Our reps will always be there for advice.

What are the wages like in Kavos?

We know you want to experience everything that Kavos has to offer. The good news is that the wages are average but you have the opportunity to get tips and commission. This can allow you to party during the season and have an unforgettable working holiday!

Do I have to stay for the whole season?

Remember that this is your holiday! You can choose whether you stay for a couple of weeks or for the whole season. Your return flight will be flexible and you can simply choose when you are ready to go home.

Are flights part of the package?

Unfortunately, due to price fluctuation, we are unable to include your flights. But if you book early and choose a single flight, you can get a very good deal.

Available Jobs

There are some great jobs available in Kavos, from Dj’s to Dancers, Bar staff to Ticket Sellers! Our reps will guide you through the process as soon as you land in the resort, organising meetings with potential employers to give you the best chance of securing work for the Summer.

Bar jobs

Bar Staff

Working behind the bar is fun, which is why these jobs are very high on the scale of popularity in Kavos. These jobs tend to go first, so arriving earlier in the season may be better if you want to be bar staff. That said, as people leave bars do open up positions throughout the Summer.

Job Perks: Free drinks, good tips, meet people every night.

Average Working Hours: 7 hours per night

Average Wages: Starting from EUR50 Per Night

Shot Seller Girl jobs

Shot Seller

This may seem like a simple job, and sometime you will get a thirsty group of holidaymakers who buy the whole tray, however, this isn't always easy. Confidence and charm are key as you have to sometimes be very persuasive. A little mathematics will be needed to work out the change too!

Job Perks: Good tips, high earning potential in busy periods.

Average Working Hours: Flexible Hours

Average Wages: Starting from EUR40 Per Night

Glass Collector Job

Glass Collector

When a bar is busy, glasses can soon run low. It is your job to move as quickly as possible to ensure the glasses are removed from the tables and back behind the bar. You will need to clear the tables too so that they are ready for the next group of tourists.

Job Perks: Share of the tips, flexible hours.

Average Working Hours: 7 hours per night

Average Wages: Starting from EUR40 Per Night

VIP Hostess Jobs

VIP Hostess

Kavos gets lots of VIP guests every summer, and it is your job to make sure they have a great time in the bar or club. You will be there to greet them when they arrive, then show them to their tables and attend to their every request. Who knows who you will meet!

Job Perks: Glam job, meet famous faces, great tips!

Average Working Hours: 6 hours per night

Average Wages: Starting from EUR40 Per Night

PR Jobs


With lots of bars and clubs in the resort, tourists have no shortage of choice when it comes to where to spend their holiday cash. As a PR you will need to stop them in the street and convince them that your bar is the best. Offer great drinks deals and turn on your charm!

Job Perks: High energy job, fun and social, free drinks

Average Working Hours: 6 hours per night

Average Wages: Starting from EUR40 Per Night

Ticket Seller Jobs

Ticket Seller

Some events are easier to sell than others, but they still want to be sold out. You may be on a stand or walking around the resort hotels to sell to groups of holiday makers. From boat parties to club nights, you will have lots to offer.

Job Perks: Great commissions, free events

Average Working Hours: Hours Vary

Average Wages: Starting from EUR50 Per Night

Body Painter

Body Painter

Unleash your inner artist with a job as a body painter in Kavos! Splash on the glitter for the tourists before they head to big events. Spray on arm stripes like a Zebra or use funky stencils to decorate their whole body!

Job Perks: Great commissions, free events

Average Working Hours: Hours Vary

Average Wages: Starting from EUR50 Per Night

boat party rep

Boat Party Rep

A job as a boat party rep is fun! Once you have sold the events, join the guests onboard for hours of partying. Entertain them with games and make sure they have an amazing time.

Job Perks: Free boat parties, fun atmosphere

Average Working Hours: Hours Vary

Average Wages: Starting from EUR50 Per Night



grabbing a dancing job in Kavos means you can get paid to do something you love! Entertain the crowds in the busiest bars on the strip, taking it in turns with other talented dancers.

Job Perks: Flexible shifts, great tips

Average Working Hours: Hours Vary

Average Wages: Starting from EUR50 Per Night

Restaurant Staff

Restaurant Staff

Kavos has some amazing restaurants serving the most delicious Greek food you can possibly imagine. By working as a PR, waiter or chef you can enjoy some free food as a nice little perk!

Job Perks: Free Food, Free Drinks, Excellent Tips

Average Working Hours: 6-8 hours a day

Average Wages: Starting from EUR50 Per Night



If you are just starting out you may need to take on some free trials to show what you can do. if you are more experienced and can show a good profile you may get given a chance sooner. DJ jobs are not easy to get, but they are there if you have skills on the decks!

Job Perks: Job satisfaction, great career progression opportunities

Average Working Hours: 7 hours per night

Average Wages: Starting from EUR50 Per Night

Holiday/Hotel rep job

Hotel Rep

As a Hotel rep, you will work directly for the hotel or holiday company and will be the first point of call for guests. You need to be very professional as they won't be happy if you turn up late to a shift. Enjoy helping guests with their requests and sell them tickets to great events for extra commission!

Job Perks: Good job for the CV, Worldwide hotel chain opportunities.

Average Working Hours: Hours Vary

Average Wages: Starting from EUR50 Per Night

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