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Working holiday packages in Magaluf for 2022.

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Why work in Magaluf?

Every year thousands of people head to work in Magaluf. If you have always dreamt of spending a Summer season on the beautiful island of Mallorca then Ace Working Holidays will make that dream a reality! Our experienced reps help you every step of the way. You will get the opportunity to meet other workers before you arrive via a private Facebook group. Your rep will assist you in planning your journey, finding a job and settling into your worker’s accommodation.


Applications are open for Magaluf 2022

With everything that has happened with Covid, Summer 2022 is more popular than ever. As long as you get your application in soon, you can reserve your place.

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magaluf workers accommodation

Magaluf Workers Accommodation

Your apartment will be in a great central location close to the Magaluf Strip, nightlife, shops and beach.

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What’s Included?

  • 28days accommodation included.
  • An amazing apartment with great facilities.
  • Your official Ace welcome pack.
  • Full access to the private members’ group.
  • Rep assistance online and in the resort.
  • Guidance on finding work.
  • Transfers & return flight assistance.
  • Nie & paperwork guidance.

Magaluf 28 day Workers Package

The 28 Day Package allows you to get a taste of working in Magaluf. You can experience it without committing to a long term workers apartment straight away. After your 28 days if you would like to stay on then simply notify your resort Reps 2 weeks before the end and they will assist you to find further workers accommodation.

1st April


1st May


1st June


1st July


1st August


1st September


Magaluf Apartment Workers Package

If you’re confident you’ll be staying in Magaluf for longer than 8 weeks, you can book an apartment package. You will be guaranteed your place in our Ace Working Holidays apartments (before you even get to the resort). Your weekly rent will be €100 – €110 and all bills are included (and you can stay as long as you want.

1st April


7th April


15th April


1st August


7th August


Check out our Magaluf worker’s guide!

If you’ve never been to Magaluf before then take a look at our Magaluf Workers Guide. This is a quick guide with everything you need to know about living and working in Magaluf. Although finding a job you enjoy is important, this is not why you chose to do a Summer season.

Join our 2022 Magaluf Workers Facebook group!

Connect with our reps and fellow workers to share tips, get information and make friends. Many people find this a great way to find roommates for your shared apartment.

Frequently asked questions

Below is a list of the most common questions we get asked. If you still need help please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Can I come out on my own?

Yes! Most of our workers come alone. Last year, more than 70% of all our workers did. This is the best way to meet people. You’ll make friends with people traveling out with you and through the members-only group before you arrive.

I’m coming out with friends, can we all share an apartment?

In order to share accommodation with friends, you must be on the same package and arrive on the same date. We always ensure you can share an apartment with friends where possible. We always listen to your preferences. You may want to live in with all boys, girls, a mix. We promise to do the very best we can to ensure you get what you request.

Are flights to Magaluf included?

As much as we would love to include flights in our packages, it is impossible due to the price fluctuation. Booking your own flights is easy on websites such as We advise booking early and only single flights rather than booking a return.

Do I have to work if I use Ace?

Our mission is to find everyone work to give you a real taste & experience of the season in a party resort, however, if you’d just like an extended holiday, you’re more than welcome to do so with one of our packages. If you don’t have plans to work, we advise you to bring plenty of spending money. You’ll need it for your 24/7 party lifestyle!

What are the salaries like in Magaluf?

Wages often depend on job and experience but Magaluf has a reputation for the ability to make lots of money. The wages are much higher than some other resorts like Zante and Malia, although the cost of living is also less in those resorts.  Some jobs offer a set wage per night, and others offer a commission where the earning potential is uncapped.  Commission-based jobs include Shot Sellers and Ticket Sellers.

When is the best time to arrive in Magaluf?

Recruiting starts from April/May and it is usually a case of ‘first come first served’. Lots of the positions will be snapped up in the early weeks so coming out early can certainly be an advantage.

Although most people arrive early season, jobs are available all season. If you need to arrive mid-season then don’t worry, there will be plenty of work available as people come and go.

The season progressively gets busier with tourists and as the season moves into late May and June. This is when more positions will open up and lots more staff are taken on. Many of our workers come out in late July and August and are able to find work quickly.

Will you help me find a job?

When you land in Magaluf, we will happily assist you with job trials and introductions to employers. Just let us know which jobs you are interested in, and we will do our best to find you something suitable. We can only assist with job trials and can’t guarantee you work, this is down for you to shine! Rest assured there are plenty of jobs to go around in the resort.

How do job trials work?

Job trials are a common way of recruiting staff in Magaluf. It may not seem like a great deal working for free, but all you have to do is work hard and shine to secure that dream job! Not all jobs require a trial, but for jobs like PR’s, this is very common. Go into it with energy and enthusiasm, this will pay off!

Don’t feel disheartened if you don’t get the job on your first trial, there may be another workplace more suited for you. We’ll be here for you every step of the way and won’t rest until we’ve found you a job for the season.

Do I have to stay for the whole season?

Many workers stay for the entire season, but we understand some have other commitments back home. You may need to get back for work or to prepare for university.

You’re free to book a flight and return home when you feel the time is right. We have set arrival dates, but when you leave in totally up to you.

Available Jobs

Popular jobs include holiday reps for BH Mallorca, bar staff, ticket sellers, restaurant staff, dancers and DJs. We have some great contacts in the resort so when a job becomes available, we are usually the first to know! Whether you arrive in peak season or want to come early, there will be plenty of jobs available!

Check out some of the most popular jobs below or view more details on our main Magaluf jobs page.

Bar Staff

Bar jobs are the most popular for Magaluf. it often comes with job security and runs all season with a set salary. You can earn great tips too if you offer a friendly service! There are a variety of bars to apply for – from the quiet beach bars to the main strip, and also the busy super clubs. Most venues will require on the job training. You will need to be confident and comfortable working at a fast pace during busy periods.

Job Perks: Secure salary, free drinks, great tips & set working hours.

Average Working Hours: 7 hours per night

Average Wages: Starting from EUR50 Per Night

Shot Seller

You’ll be selling shots to thirsty bar-goers and getting paid for it! This is one of the most straight forward and profitable jobs in Magaluf; making it one of the most popular in resort. Are you fun, friendly & confident? Then this could be the perfect fit for you. Your wages are on a commission basis and uncapped; so, the more you sell, the more you earn!

Job Perks: Uncapped earnings, flexible working hours

Average Working Hours: 6 hours per night

Average Wages: Starting from EUR30 Per Night

Holiday Rep

This is definitely amongst the most popular jobs, with exciting hotels to work with such as BH Mallorca. Free entry to pool parties and a trendy uniform may be appealing, but you will put in some serious graft to keep your job. Early mornings and late finishes are the norm. You must energetic, fun and professional for this role. A holiday Rep has a natural drive give holidaymakers that Summer buzz. You will need to be on hand answer any questions.

Job Perks: Great wages, secure role, meet new people every day, great on CV

Average Working Hours: Hours Vary

Average Wages: Starting from EUR50 Per Night


DJs are in high demand in the thousands of bars and clubs in Magaluf. The music scene is varied. Some bars need party DJs who talk on the microphone to get the crowd going. House clubs require DJs with a deep knowledge of the genre. No matter what kind of music you play, there will be a bar in need of you! If you can DJ, Magaluf is the perfect places to carve out a career.

Job Perks: Career progression, Do what you love, Good wages

Average Working Hours: Hours Vary

Average Wages: Starting from EUR60 Per Night

Glass Collector

All that partying, all those drinks, means all those empty glasses need to be collected as quickly as possible. Magaluf Bars and clubs need them to be cleaned quickly and back in the hands of customers safely. This role can be fast-paced; you will need to be a great team player, as well as being able to work unsupervised during busy times.

Job Perks: Share of tips, Free drinks, Low stress

Average Working Hours: 7 hours per night

Average Wages: Starting from EUR40 Per Night

VIP Hostess

Taking care of the VIP areas, making sure guests have the best time possible. Typical roles will include serving champagne & vodka, making sure your party doesn’t go thirsty and being on hand to keep everyone happy. Considered one of the most desirable jobs in Magaluf; this can be great fun. You may even get to meet and serve some famous faces from Magaluf & afar!

Job Perks: Good tips, Social role, Meet lots of new people

Average Working Hours: 6 hours per night

Average Wages: Starting from EUR40 Per Night


One of the most popular jobs in Magaluf. You’ll need bags of energy, charm & confidence. Thousands of people come to the island for a good time, your job is to show them why your bar/club is the best and get them in! You will talk to literally hundreds of people every night, so it goes without saying you need the gift of the gab and lots of stamina.

Job Perks: Flexible working hours, fast paced, Meet new people

Average Working Hours: 6 hours per night

Average Wages: Starting from EUR50 Per Night

Ticket Seller

If you enjoy meeting and talking to lots of people, this job is perfect for you… Pitching your events such as a boat trip, club night or an excursion to small or large groups of people; You will need to be well presented, & super confident. You can learn from other reps, so don’t necessarily need sales experience, but can earn a lot of money depending on the event (some over €1000 + per week!)

Job Perks: Free event access, flexible hours, High commisions

Average Working Hours: 8 hours daily

Average Wages: Starting from EUR50 Per Night

Body Painter

One of the newest job roles in Magaluf, being a body painter will involve painting faces, arms, and legs for one of the many Events in Resort. You will not need any experience as on the job training will be provided. Having an attention to detail and the ability to be creative is a plus. In-resort we have links with all the body painter companies such as pixie tribe and Feel Summer.

Job Perks: Creative role, flexible hours, good wages

Average Working Hours: 6 hours daily

Average Wages: Starting from EUR60 Per Night

boat party rep

Boat Party Rep

Do you have what it takes to help people have the time of their lives on a boat in the sun? It’s a tough job, but someone needs to do it! You make sure everybody on the boat is having a good time, you pour shots down them, and help the DJ out with the onboard games. You’ll also need to sell as many tickets as you can for the event – which shouldn’t be that hard!

Job Perks: Free boat parties, great wages, daytime role

Average Working Hours: 4 hours

Average Wages: Starting from EUR40 Per Night


You’ll need to enjoy dancing in front of people in some of the busiest bars and clubs in Magaluf. This job requires both confidence and obviously the ability to dance! These roles will often include day work as well as night work. One of the perks of being a Dancer is you’ll more than likely end up in many resort promo videos. We can assist with your Dancing trial, once in resort.

Job Perks: Get pais to dance, good tips, short hours

Average Working Hours: 20 Minute Shifts

Average Wages: Starting from EUR50 Per Night

Restaurant Staff

From waiting on tables to helping prepare and cook the food, there are plenty of jobs in restaurants each summer. This job is perfect if you love to work in a team. It can be relaxed and can involve working either in the sun or inside an air-conditioned restaurant. If you’re looking to work in the kitchen then please let us know and we can make the necessary arrangements.

Job Perks: Free food, free drinks, excellent tips

Average Working Hours: Hours Vary

Average Wages: Starting from EUR50 Per Night

Where can I work in Magaluf?

Below are a few of the many companies that we work within Magaluf. If you have any questions or would like us to arrange you a job trial then please drop us a call or message (*Please note that this Service is available to ACE WORKERS ONLY!). We have great relationships with popular employers such as BH Mallorca Hotel, the fabulous new Peaky Blinders bar, and the Oceans Beach Club.

Ace Working Holidays have helped thousands of people find work in Magaluf

Rest assured when it comes to working holidays, Ace reps know a thing or two. We have great relationships with potential employers and can assist with job trials for permanent roles. We also help with working legally such as guidance on your NIE number.

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