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Magaluf Workers Guide


Workers Accommodation

Secure your workers’ apartment for the season

There are workers housing all over the island, some good, some not so good! It is always recommended for your first year working abroad to go through a company like Ace Working Holidays.

We work with the most reputable landlords to make sure we only offer apartments equipped with the things you need to feel like a home from home. You will share your accommodation with other workers, and you will meet friends for life; even choose who you share a room with if you wish. There are fully fitted kitchen facilities and they are all in fantastic locations!

Magaluf Jobs

Magaluf Jobs

Work in Magaluf this Summer

You may be reading this guide because you are interested in joining us this Summer. There are lots of different jobs available in Magaluf, and a working holiday is a perfect way to settle in and find a secure role for the Summer.

Magaluf Jobs Include

Magaluf Beach


Sandy beaches so you can relax on your days off

The beaches in Magaluf are well known for their clear waters and soft sand. The beaches in South Mallorca stretch out for almost a mile and a half around the coast. Magaluf beach has everything – from jet skis to donuts and banana boats. It’s also the setting-off point for Magaluf’s biggest boat party, the Sunset Booze Cruise.

Invest in a sun lounger if you’re making a day of it. They’re typically around 5 Euros each per day. Parasols are free – perfect for those who need to take care in the sun (you know who you are!). Expect the beach to stay scorching hot until 6.00 pm and the sun won’t set fully until 8/9 pm.

Cost Of Living


How much money are you going to need?

Magaluf can be as cheap or expensive as you like. If you drink top-shelf spirits, go to the top clubs, see the best DJs, go on lots of excursions, and eat out in restaurants, then you could be looking at €150 a day. If you’re on a budget, you can get by comfortably on around €40 a day. Try to walk or get the bus rather than getting taxis, and get in the habit of cooking!

When you are deciding on your ideal Summer job abroad, you can also think about potential benefits in saving such as high-commission roles or free food and drink!

The good news is that Magaluf workers often get great discounts. Get to know other bar workers and they may throw some free drinks your way!

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Magaluf Nightlife


A whole strip of bars and clubs!

Nowhere parties like Magaluf! The Puenta Ballena also known as the famous Magaluf strip, is half a mile of pure carnage! It has more than 50 bars, five nightclubs, eight tattoo shops, the slingshot, and vomatron… and a KFC amongst many other fast food shops. One of our hot pics is Alex’s Lounge, one of the coolest places in Magaluf. This rooftop bar is for anyone who loves house music – from funky to deep and dirty. It has an amazing DJ line-up every single night, and gorgeous bar staff.

Eating out In Magaluf

Eating out in Magaluf

Tapas anyone?

There are endless places to eat in Magaluf. You can grab your quick junk food fix with all the chains, Mcdonalds, KFC and Burger King, but remember, Spanish food is delicious! Get stuck into the Mediterranean diet. All that fresh fish and veg will help you feel less sluggish, you will thank us for it. Tapas and Paella are a must-try if you haven’t had it before. Wash it all down with a good old jug of Sangria! There are some great restaurants on the beachfront where you can have pizza, burgers and even a Sunday lunch at the Boat Yard- a popular for workers.

Once settled, we recommend starting a food shopping routine once a week. This will certainly stop you eating out every day and night and spending all that hard-earned winter travel money. it also helps if you find work in a restaurant as you often get free food!

Magaluf Supermarkets


The smart way to eat

It is really easy to get into the lazy habits of eating out every day. If you can afford it, great, but you could save a lot more by doing a weekly shop. There are a range of options from small corner shops, to large supermarkets – there is even now an ALDI! You will pay more buying items from shops on the main strip and centre of Magaluf, so venture out on the bus or taxi once a week to Mercadona.

If you do eat out because you are in a rush, you can grab a quick snack with a workers discount at The Upper Crust on the strip. They serve fresh sandwiches, jacket potatoes and wraps and are open most of the day and night (closing at 5.30 am!).  There are some lovely restaurants in Palma Nova for a meal or for a treat with your mates too.

Magaluf Workers Events


Wild events every night!

From day 1 of arriving in the resort, your reps will be able to tell you all the events happening that week in Magaluf. Choose a couple or go to all of them, it’s up too you! Some events such as the Magaluf Sunset Booze Cruise run twice a week and are a great way to let of some steam after working hard. There are also exclusive workers parties a couple of nights a week at various venues.

You get great discounts on events with your Ace workers wristband including club nights, boat parties and excursions.

Magaluf discount wristband

Workers’ Discounts

Benefit from cheaper food, drinks & events

You get a special workers wristband for discounts in many bars, clubs, restaurants & events. Just flash the wristband at our partner venues and receive a range of discounts.

Remember, budgeting is important if you’re looking to save.

Save on

  • Events
  • Food
  • Drink
  • Excursions

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Explore Mallorca


See the amazing parts of Mallorca

It’s not all about Magaluf. In fact, Magaluf is only a tiny part of what the gorgeous island of Mallorca has to offer. Plan your days off well and visit some of the breathtaking scenery that surrounds you. From Open top Jeeping through the Mountains of Mallorca to Private Boat excursions, to scenic tours of Palma Cathedral. Mallorca Simply has it all. For more information on what to do in Mallorca see one of our reps who will be happy to point you in the right direction – In fact, we’ll probably tag along 🙂