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Tenerife (Playa Las Americas)

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Tenerife South (TFS)

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Sandy beaches to relax on your day’s off!

If beaches are your thing, Magaluf is the ideal spot for you! The beaches in South Mallorca stretch out for almost a mile and a half around the coast. Magaluf beach has everything – from jet skis to donuts and banana boats. It’s also the setting-off point for Magaluf’s biggest boat party, the Sunset Booze Cruise. Invest in a sun lounger if you’re making a day of it. They’re typically five Euros each per day. Parasols are free – perfect for those who need to take care in the sun (Gingers, that’s you!). Expect the beach to stay scorching hot until 6pm and the sun won’t set fully until 8/9pm.

Piggy Bank

Cost of living

How much money are you going to need?

Magaluf can be as cheap or expensive as you like. If you drink top shelf spirits, want to go to the top clubs, see the best DJs, go on lots of excursions, and eat in restaurants, then you will be looking at €150 a day. If you’re on a budget, you can get by on €60 a day. We recommend everyone uses their ACE Workers wristband in resort. Just flash the wristband at our partner venues and receive a range of disocunts from €1 drinks in the best bars, and huge discounts off pretty much everything. Remember Budgeting is important if your looking to save so once settled we recommened starting a food shopping routine once a week. This will certainly stop you eating out every day and night and spending all taht hard earned winter travel money

Magaluf Nightlife


A whole strip of bars and clubs!

Nowhere parties like Magaluf! The Puenta Ballena also known as the famous Magaluf strip, is half a mile of pure carnage! It has more than 50 bars, five nightclubs, eight tattoo shops, the slingshot, and vomatron... and a KFC amongst many other fast food shops. One of our hot pics is Alex’s Lounge, one of the coolest places in Magaluf. This rooftop bar is for anyone who loves house music - from funky to deep and dirty. It has an amazing DJ line-up every single night, and gorgeous bar staff.

Events Magluf

Exploring Mallorca

See the amazing parts of Mallorca

It's not all about Magaluf. Infact Magaluf is only a tiny part of what the georgeous island of Mallorca has to offer. Plan your days off well and visit some of the breath taking scenerary that surrounds you. From Open top Jeeping through the Mountains of Mallorca to Private Boat excursions, to scenic tours of Palma Cathedral. Mallorca Simply has it all. For more inforation on what to do in Mallorca see one of our reps who will be happy to point you in the right direction - Infact we'll probably tag along :-)