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Ayia Napa (Cyprus)

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Larnaca Airport

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Ayia Napa Beach


Stunning beaches, each with their own personality

Aiya Napa is situated on the southern coast of Cyprus, an area known for its stunning beaches. Aiya Napa itself has 14 Blue Flag beaches which mean it is rated as one of the highest quality beach holiday destinations. The crystal clear Mediterranean waters that surround the town are almost hypnotic – you can literally sit and stare out to sea for hours. It’s the ideal way to unwind, especially after a busy shift. Aiya Napa is a truly unique place – each beach has its own rhythm to be enjoyed and you can choose the best one to suit your mood. You’ll have more options than an all you can eat buffet! From the lively party zones like Nissi Beach, to the more serene, quiet and calm stretches, and everything in between. You can watch the boats coming and going by the stunning harbour if you’re looking to relax, but without getting sand in your toes. There are also tonnes of beach bars and delicious places to eat scattered along the coastline. You couldn’t really ask for much more could you?

Cost Of Living


How much money are you going to need?

For a Cypriot hotspot, Aiya Napa is generally good value. Sure, it may not be as cheap as some of the other popular European destinations, but it’s not bad for a little slice of paradise. We understand that when you’re away from home, in another country, you don’t want to have to worry about money. But we think it’s possible to have an unforgettable time without breaking the bank. Anywhere between 50 – 100 euros a day will do it, depending on how many events or excursions you fancy doing.You might even be able to do it for less than that if you find cheaper places to eat and take advantage of cheaper booze offers. Aiya Napa is typically a lucrative place to work – the pay is usually good and with ACE you’ll get loads of opportunity to earn whatever you want to burn. That’s the beauty of a working holiday – you can essentially make it pay for itself. If you’re clever you can sniff out the deals on drinks and entry to events – but make sure you book any tickets from the right sources online to avoid getting ripped off.

Ayia Napa nightlife


A whole strip of bars and clubs!

We know you’ve probably already heard about the legendary nightlife of Aiya Napa – two for one drinks everywhere you look, buzzing clubs and smiling faces – the vibes here are pretty unreal. It has a classic clubbing culture, mixed with a more classy edge that makes it an ideal place for big groups with different tastes. Among many other things, Aiya Napa is famous for the range of nighttime entertainment and events – you can check out local hypnotists and magicians on top of the incredible range of floor filling DJs that rock the main bars and clubs every night. For the more main stream clubbing experience check out Castle or Aqua – where you’ll find some old school house and EDM. There are a few more trendy, hip bars around if that’s more your speed or if you fancy a change of pace while you’re over here. The great thing is everything is so close to each other that it’s almost all on your doorstep.

Ayia Napa Events


See the amazing parts of Cyprus

Aiya Napa was originally just a small fishing village which means it still retains some of the small-town charm it once had before it became a summer hotspot. You can check out the beautiful marina and go for a swim with the abundance of sea life that surrounds the coast. It’s worth booking yourself onto a boat party and getting a different view of the shore, whilst you cruise around the clear, still waters, enjoying a few drinks. This place has bags of history and culture for you to soak in while you’re over here. Aiya Napa itself is only an hour from Nicosia. You can visit the many museums and join the various tour activities around the capital. If you’re into shopping then this will be right up your street – Nicosia is known for having a great range of shops and restaurants. Definitely worth checking out if you fancy an adventure.