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Holiday Rep Jobs Zante

Holiday Rep Jobs

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Our reps will help you find a type of job to suit and arrange job trials in the resort.

Holiday Rep Job Description

Hotels and resorts often hire holiday reps to make sure their guests are well looked after. It is your job to welcome them and help them settle in, as well as handle any questions or complaints they might have about their holiday.

Holiday Rep Job Duties

  • Meet & Greet holiday makers at their hotel or the airport.
  • Be a friendly face they can rely on.
  • Upsell events and attractions.

Holiday Rep Working Hours

Varied hours for this role depending on the hotel and company you work for. The shifts are often split, with early mornings and some evenings. Expect to work weekends and take regular trips to the airport.

Average Holiday Rep Salary

From 45 Euros per shift.