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Laganas (Zante)

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Dionysios Solomos (ZTH)

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30 Minutes

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+ 2 hour UK Time

Zante Beaches


Sandy beaches to relax on your day’s off!

The beautiful beaches of Zante are the stuff of dreams. You can choose from so many options and you’re guaranteed to find your perfect shore – there’s something to meet everyone’s needs. From the wild party beaches of Laganas, to the more serene southern coasts – you’ll be spoilt for choice. Beaches are always high on the list of criteria when deciding where to go on holiday and they’re even more important on a working holiday. The beach can be the perfect place to unwind in between shifts. The weather is immense so you’ll get plenty of opportunity to top up that tan… or sunburn, if you’re ginger. The calm, warm waters of the Mediterranean that surround the island are famous for how clear they are and when you walk around, the bright white sand feels like it’s giving your feet a big hug – you’ll think you’re in paradise.

Cost Of Living


How much money are you going to need?

You’re on holiday so it’s obvious you might have to spend a bob or two to make sure you have a class time, but you don’t have to be a millionaire to rip it up. That’s the beauty of working with Ace – you can earn everything you need to have a wild night. It’s also a great way to meet people and get to know the best places which is a clever way of saving some money. Some bars are cheap and you can get a skin full for even less than you’d pay in the UK. There are a few expensive ones, but if you know the right people and sweet talk the promo guys, you can get your hands on some pretty thrifty deals. On a budget, you could easily manage with around 50-60 euros a day.

Zante Nightlife


A whole strip of bars and clubs!

This famous Zante main strip is about 300m long and is just packed with people, buzzing around, causing mischief, getting mortal and having a laugh. Even just by walking through the neon-lit street, hearing the music and seeing the smiling happy faces, you will definitely get that buzzing feeling. This isn’t like your typical night out – not a Wetherspoons in sight over here – this nightlife is so far off the hook it doesn’t even remember who the hook is. Banging music, bustling bars, epic clubs, and mad moves – this place has got it all. If you work hard, you should get to play hard, right? Sound like your cup of tea? Then, Zante is the one for you.

Exploring Zante


See the amazing parts of Zante

Zante is bursting with nature and incredible creatures – if you like animals then you should definitely check out some of the quieter beaches that are teeming with marine life. The island is also renowned for the range of water sports available to thrill-seekers. St.Nicholas, Alykes and Tsilivi are the best places to find flyboarding and parachuting – there’s also a pretty awesome water park in the area which you can check out on your day off. Zante is known as being quite a spiritual place and you can see loads of beautiful old buildings and churches around the island – you can book onto various excursions that take you on a tour to see more of the cultural side which is definitely recommended. After all, it’s not just about the partying, is it? Well maybe, 90% is.