Things to do in Malia

Malia, a town on the northern coast of Crete, is a haven for partygoers seeking the ultimate summer experience. But if you’re working a summer job abroad there, nightlife isn’t the only thing on offer. 

In fact, whether you’re a nature lover or a budding influencer, you’re sure to find an array of activities to suit you. Here are some of the best things to do in Malia for every type of person. 

For the adrenaline junkie

Those who crave excitement will find plenty of activities that get the adrenaline racing in Malia!

Acqua Plus Water Park

What is it? The largest water park in Crete, offering a variety of slides, rides and attractions.

Where is it? About a 15-minute car journey from the Malia strip. 

Why go? Aside from being the biggest water park in Crete, Acqua Plus has some of the tallest and fastest rides. When you’re done speeding down waterslides, make your way to the lazy river to wind things down a notch.

Quad Safari

What is it? An off-road quad biking adventure through the scenic landscapes of Crete.

Where is it? Quad bike tours depart from the centre of Malia, not far from the main beach.

Why go? Malia is surrounded by rugged terrain and mountainous backdrops. There’s no better way of enjoying the view than with an exhilarating ride on your very own quad bike. 

For the culture vulture

Malia is on the island of Crete, which has a rich history spanning thousands of years. It’s therefore no surprise that there are plenty of things for fans of culture to enjoy!

Malia Palace

What is it? The archaeological site of an ancient Minoan Palace.

Where is it? The site is walkable from Malia, taking around 45 minutes (or a much shorter taxi trip). 

Why go? The Minoans were inhabitants of Crete during the Bronze Age around 4,000 years ago. The fact that the site is so well preserved is enough to make it worth a visit – but you’ll also gain a captivating glimpse into Minoan civilization. 

Monastery of Saint George Selinari

Monastery of Saint George Selinari

What is it? A serene monastery originally built in the 16th century. 

Where is it? In the small village of Selinari, about a 10-minute drive east of Malia.

Why go? The monastery offers visitors a look into the region’s spiritual and cultural heritage. The religiously significant site is also a serene spot with breathtaking views, making it the ideal place to go if you need to take some time out for yourself.

For the party animal

Malia is renowned for its party spirit and nightlife – party animals will be spoilt for choice of things to do.

Malia Strip 

What is it? The centre of nightlife in Malia, the strip is full of bars and clubs where you can let your hair down and party the night away. 

Where is it? In the centre of Malia, on what’s officially known as Dimokratias Street. 

Why go? Although there are bars spread out across Malia, nowhere has as great a choice as the Malia Strip. Make sure you check out legendary spots like Candy Club and Zig Zag’s.

Malia Booze Cruise

Booze Cruise

What is it? A lively boat party that’s hugely popular thanks to its energetic atmosphere and cheeky entertainment.

Where is it? The booze cruise departs from Malia harbour but you’ll first head to a meeting point in the town. Once aboard, you’ll cruise around the crystal-clear waters of the island. 

Why go? With lunch included, free drinks, party games, swim stops and non-stop dancing, the question should be: why wouldn’t you go? 

For the nature lover

Malia benefits from a stunning Greek coastline and scenic mountain views. There’s plenty of nature and wildlife for outdoorsy types to explore. 

Roza Gorge

What is it? A picturesque gorge that got its name from the rose and red-coloured rocks of the canyon.

Where is it? Roughly 25-minutes’ drive south of Malia’s centre. 

Why go? The gorge isn’t as famous as Samaria Gorge on the other side of the island, but it’s almost as beautiful and a lot more accessible from Malia. Take a hike through the relatively unknown trail and admire the natural rock formations. 

Lassithi Plateau

Lassithi Plateau

What is it? A lush green plain with breathtaking views and unique geography.

Where is it? A bit further away than some of the other activities on this list (around a 50-minute car journey) but well worth the visit.

Why go? Aside from learning more about the plateau’s unique geography, you’ll also have the opportunity to visit Dikteon Cave – the supposed birthplace of Zeus! 

For the budding influencer

Turquoise sea, golden sunsets and pretty Greek houses – Malia has everything you need to capture the perfect shot for Insta. 

Potamos Beach

Potamos Beach

What is it? An attractive beach that’s known for its long, sandy shoreline and sparkling waters. 

Where is it? Just outside Malia’s centre, around a 30-minute walk from the main beach.

Why go? Potamos Beach is arguably prettier and definitely less popular than Malia Beach. You can spread out on the sand and enjoy cocktails from one of the many beach bars. 

Malia Old Town

Malia Old Town

What is it? The historical heart of Malia, featuring charming streets and traditional Cretan architecture. 

Where is it? South Malia, accessible from the bottom of the strip. 

Why go? The narrow streets are picturesque and extremely photogenic. Plus, you’ll find plenty of traditional taverns where you can sample local dishes and drinks.

Malia Workers

Can I do everything?

There’s so much to explore in Malia that it’s natural to wonder how you’re going to fit it all in. If that sounds like you, have you considered working a season in Malia? You’ll be able to discover all of the local delights at your own pace and make sure you have plenty of time for partying! 
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