Top Party Hotels In Tenerife

Tenerife is one of the world’s best party destinations, which is part of the reason the island attracts approximately five million tourists every year. This reputation means Tenerife is full of party hotels, all perfect for hosting your party-centric trip to the famed Canary Island.

Tenerife’s nightlife scene, centred around the Playa de las Americas area in the southwest corner of the island, offers an amazing selection of bars and clubs, including iconic spots like Tramps, Papagayo Beach Club, and Magic Lounge. But finding the right hotel is often harder than finding the right bar.

To help you get started with your search for a place to stay on your holiday, we’ve put together a list of some of the top party hotels in Tenerife, covering all of the things that make them a great choice. Read on and get inspired

Iberostar Bouganville Playa

Iberostar’s Bouganville Playa location is a four-star hotel catered towards both partygoers and families. Based in Costa Adeje, just a little further north than the bustling Playa de las Americas area, it’s a great choice if you’re looking for a mix of elegance and atmosphere.

It’s right on the sea, so the views are incredible, and there’s a huge range of amenities and activities to get involved with, including dance classes and pool parties. And, last but not least, it’s one of the closest hotels to Siam Park, an outdoor water park that’s one of Tenerife’s top attractions.

Ole Tropical Tenerife

Ole Tropical Tenerife is a four-star all-inclusive hotel just north of the Playa de las Americas area, in easy walking distance of several of the area’s main nightlife strips and beaches. That makes it a great place to use as a base to get out and explore Tenerife’s party scene from, but there’s also plenty to do in the hotel.

Ole Tropical Tenerife

There’s a regular schedule of night-time entertainment, as well as lots of other activities to get involved with like pool parties, a mini golf course, and wellness facilities. That means you aren’t just limited to nights out, nights ‘in’ will be just as fun.

Hotel Cleopatra Palace

The Hotel Cleopatra Palace is another four-star option, located on the southern beachfront of the Playa de las Americas area. While the hotel isn’t specifically designed for partygoers and the atmosphere might not be as electric as some other options, the location means it’s worth including in this list.

Beautiful Playa del Camison is just outside the front door, with other iconic beaches including Playa de las Vistas and Playa de las Americas itself in easy walking distance. And, of course, you’re centrally located in the biggest party destination Tenerife has to offer, meaning you have outstanding access to all of the best bars and clubs.

Green Garden Eco Resort

Green Garden Eco Resort Tenerife

Green Garden Eco Resort is another four-star pick in Playa de las Americas, although it’s a little further out than the Hotel Cleopatra Palace. Unlike lots of the other options on this list, though, Green Garden Eco Resort is exclusively made up of villa suites rather than individual rooms. This means it’s not a great option if you’re travelling alone, but works great for groups. 

The hotel itself is beautifully designed and offers a wide variety of amenities and entertainment options, but its suitability as a party hotel is less about what’s on offer on the site itself and more about the proximity to party hotspots in Playa de las Americas.

Hotel Parque La Paz

Hotel Parque La Paz is in the centre of the Playa de las Americas area, meaning it’s perfectly suited to acting as a base to explore the major nightlife hub of Tenerife. But the hotel itself will provide plenty of opportunities to party as well, with highly rated nightly music and entertainment.

It’s all-inclusive, too, so the nightly price includes all of the food and drinks you could ever want, ideal if you’re keen to get started before hitting the strip itself. Based at Hotel Parque La Paz, you’re also within easy reach of beaches including Playa del Camison for your relaxing off-days.

Globales Tamaimo Tropical

Globales Tamaimo Tropical hotel Tenerife

Globales Tamaimo Tropical is a three-star hotel that’s a great option for partygoing travellers on a budget. It’s based in Puerto de Santiago, which is roughly 30 kilometres north of the popular Playa de las Americas area of the island, but there’s still plenty of nightlife to enjoy on your doorstep.

That includes nearby beaches like Playa de Santiago and a healthy selection of bars in the town centre. You’ll be able to have plenty of fun on the hotel grounds, too, with late-night entertainment and a beautiful, sprawling pool. 

How to choose the right party hotel in Tenerife

The above list only scratches the surface of the hotels to choose from in Tenerife, where there’s a huge selection of lodging options for every taste and budget. However, the choices in this list will give you a great starting point from which you can do more research and find the perfect hotel for your trip.

The key things to consider in your search for the ideal party hotel in Tenerife are location and atmosphere. 

The best choice of location for most travellers will be based in or around the Playa de las Americas area, where the majority of partying on the island happens. A hotel in this area will also mean you have a wealth of nearby beaches to choose from and easy access to other iconic attractions like Siam Park.

In terms of atmosphere, avoid any hotels that are clearly designed to be family-friendly, first and foremost. And remember that all-inclusive hotels tend to have a more party-like atmosphere than the alternatives. 

Finally, if you’re considering extending your party trip to Tenerife to make the most of what the island has to offer, take a look at our Tenerife working holiday options. A working holiday is the perfect way to experience Tenerife’s nightlife and meet lots of like-minded people, and accommodation comes included so you can cut short your search for party hotels!

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