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Bar Job Description

You don’t necessarily have to have worked behind the bar before, but this can be preferred. If you apply for a busy cocktail bar in Malia, they will probably want more experience, but a quieter bar may just ask for a friendly personality and will to learn, to keep customers coming back! This is a popular job so it is advised to arrive early if you want to find a bar job.

Job Duties

  • Manage stock levels so nothing runs out.
  • Chat to customers and always serve with a smile!
  • Take payments card and cash.
  • Kee the bar area clean and tidy.
  • Make cocktails (bar dependent)

Working Hours

Some bars are open all day and others just open in the evenings. You may prefer daytime hours, but getting up with a hangover isn’t always fun. Many bar staff finish around 4 am then party until 6! You might have to work later if you take a job in the clubs, but often have a later finish too.

Average Salary

From 60 Euros per shift.