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Holiday Rep Jobs

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Holiday Rep Job Description

Can you see yourself as a resort rep in Malia? Picture this. You wake up in the morning (very early!) and open your curtains to see the bright sunshine pouring in. Get dressed and head to the office or the airport to meet the new guests arriving. You host a welcome meeting and get to know them, finding out what their plans are and helping with your expert knowledge of the resort. You have to be professional and always have a smile for this role. If you don’t mind getting up early and love meeting new people this is a fantastic opportunity!

Job Duties

  • Meet & greet new guests at the hotel/airport.
  • Give expert advice on the best places to eat and drink.
  • Have incredible customer service skills when dealing with complaints.
  • Upsell events for commission.

Working Hours

Early mornings are normal in this role, as well as split shifts, weekends, and some evenings when required. This varies upon the employer.

Average Salary

From 60 Euros per day.