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Restaurant Jobs Tenerife

Restaurant Jobs

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Restaurant Job Description

A great benefit of working in restaurant roles in Tenerife is you can get the flexibility to work during the day. Add to that free food and drink in many cases it’s easy to see why restaurant jobs are popular. You don’t necessarily need previous experience but great customer service is key. For jobs like chefs or supervisory and managerial roles, employers will require previous experience.

Restaurant Job Duties

  • Will vary depending on the role.
  • Taking orders and payments.
  • Serving or preparing food, drinks or cocktails.
  • Greeting customers and showing them to tables.
  • Clearing tables and keeping the area clean & tidy

Working Hours

Usually split shifts, but hours will vary depending on the venue. The longer working hours tend to be during the day.

Average Salary

From 50 Euros per day.