10 Gap Year Ideas: Summer Jobs for Students

Have you always wanted to work abroad? Taking a gap year or a break during the summer both offer perfect opportunities to find the fun and thrills that you’re looking for. There are thousands of summer jobs abroad every year that will offer you the time of your life. It’s a fantastic way to get some work experience, make friends, and meet all kinds of people.

The flexibility of these seasonal jobs makes them perfect for students and anyone taking a gap year. You have a great choice of jobs that could be the perfect option for you.


Take a look at these top 10 ideas to find your dream summer job in one of our sunny locations. We work with employers to find the best people for their resorts in Magaluf, Ayia Napa, Ibiza, and more.

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1. Serve up cocktails in the best beach bars in Europe

Bars are one of the essentials that keep resorts going. Everyone needs somewhere to get a refreshing drink, a fruity cocktail, or just a beer to help them keep cool. There are bar jobs aplenty in the resorts we work with, so you could be spending your days at the beach. But you need to be prepared to take on a tough role, with most bars quickly getting busy as revellers come out to play.

2. PR on the infamous Magaluf Strip

PR staff members are tasked with the important role of charming holidaymakers and convincing them to visit their venue. You need to have the gift of the gab and always be ready with a smile. The famous Magaluf Strip is the perfect place to hone your skills, with thousands of people flocking to the busy location every summer. You’ll have plenty of opportunity to work your magic, and you’ll get to enjoy the place yourself in your downtime.

3. Get paid to take photos!

Do you reckon you’re handy with a camera? Our resorts need photographers to take photos to advertise venues and events. You get to use your creativity and camera skills while you’re working. Sometimes you’ll be blending in and snapping candid shots and sometimes you’ll be stretching your social muscles to get some great photos of holidaymakers. This is one of the specialist jobs available that require a degree of experience.

4. Run Fitness classes in Ayia Napa

Fitness fanatics who have some experience in leading classes could find themselves getting everyone’s blood pumping in Ayia Napa or one of the other resorts we work with. As a fitness instructor, you’ll get to do what you love while taking in the excitement and the sunshine. Ayia Napa is the place to be if you want to help people keep fit in their holidays while getting your own unique experience.

5. Sell tickets for exciting events abroad

Strengthen your sales skills by working as an events and ticket staff member in one of our resorts. In this role, your earnings are typically based on commissions, so you need to be prepared to hustle. That means if you’re good at it, you can bring in some good money and enjoy flexible working hours at the same time. It’s ideal for social butterflies with excellent sales ability.

DJ jobs abroad
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6. DJ alongside the best names in dance music

Just getting started with your DJ career? Or maybe you’re looking to expand your network and get a solid foothold in the industry? Wherever you are currently, DJing over the summer is one of the best ways to give your career a huge boost. You could be performing alongside some of the biggest names in dance music, making some great contacts, and having a whole lot of fun while you do it.

7. Work as a holiday rep

It’s up to holiday reps to make sure that holidaymakers all have an incredible time during their stay. Reps take care of their customers, making sure their needs are met and helping them to have the best time possible. There’s no denying that it can be demanding, but it can also be extremely fulfilling. You can help make people’s dreams come true and have an amazing time working your own dream job.

8. Uber in the sunshine

If you have a driver’s licence and a car, it could be an instant job for you in the summer. Driving for Uber or other rideshare apps could be an easy way to make some money. Other driving jobs are available too, giving you the chance to start earning by driving people to where they need to be. If you like driving and talking to people, you’ll quickly get settled into this type of job.

Work in the superclubs
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9. Dance in the superclubs of Ibiza

Dancers who want to make money from their skills, experience, and confidence can find jobs dancing in some of the busiest clubs on the continent. Ibiza is a great pick if you want to get noticed, offering superclubs that are full of partiers having a good time every night. And it’s not just nighttime when you’ll be working – dancing roles often include work during the day too.

10. Roll with the VIPs as a superhost

For those who think their social skills and personality are well-suited to rubbing elbows with VIPs, a superhost roll could be the perfect choice. You’ll meet and greet celebrities and special guests and make sure that they’re cared for during their time at the resort. Your job is to serve them drinks, chat with them and take all the right steps to make sure they’re having a good time.

Your student summers or gap year jobs don’t have to be boring. You can have the best time ever at lively resorts.

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