The Ultimate Ayia Napa Nightlife & Clubbing Guide

Known by some as ‘the jewel of the Mediterranean’, Cyprus has a lot more to offer than sunshine and incredible beaches. The eastern side of the island is home Ayia Napa, one of Europe’s most iconic party destinations which brits have been visiting for years.
If you’re hoping to let your hair down on a holiday with friends, or you’re about to spend a season working in Ayia Napa, this nightlife guide is for you. We’ll cover the liveliest clubs, most chilled-out bars, and everything in between.

Ayia Napa Nightlife Overview

ike many popular island holiday destinations, Ayia Napa has a lively nightlife scene that’s brimming with bars, clubs and restaurants to choose from. At the centre of everything is Ayia Napa Square, where you’ll find casual pubs, themed bars and buzzing nightclubs.

Most venues in Ayia Napa are located either in the square or very close to it. This makes the destination a perfect choice for anyone with mobility issues or limited taxi funds. It’s also popular with people who would rather not spend their precious time travelling from club to club!

Although a lot of brits travel to the island, you’ll also find tourists from all over the world out to have a good time in Ayia Napa. The atmosphere is fun, friendly and diverse, so you’re likely to feel right at home from the moment you arrive.

Ayia Napa Nightlife Areas

As we’ve already mentioned, the vast majority of Ayia Napa’s nightlife is based around the central town square. 

But if you do fancy heading further afield, Nissi Beach is just a short taxi ride away. It’s home to a few beachside bars with stunning views across the sea. Around the corner, on the main road back into town, are some restaurants and cocktail bars for when you’re feeling like a more relaxed one. 
Venturing south of the square takes you to Ayia Napa harbour, where a selection of cafés, pubs and restaurants line the streets. Although it’s not as vibrant as the town centre, the harbour is the place to be if you want to treat yourself to a more upmarket evening. There are some great spots for a romantic meal where you can sit and watch the sunset with a glass of your favourite drink.

Ayia Napa Clubs

As one of Europe’s longest-standing clubbing destinations, Ayia Napa has a solid selection of venues where you can spend the night dancing away. Here’s our pick of the best nightclubs.

Castle Club Ayia Napa

Castle Club

Castle Club is the biggest superclub in Cyprus and one of the most famous Ayia Napa spots. Its reputation has been built over 30 years and it’s well deserved. With a capacity of over 4,000 people and five separate rooms all playing completely different music, Castle Club has everything you need for a memorable night out.

Club Sin Ayia Napa

Club Sin 

At the other end of the scale is Club Sin, a small but energetic club in Ayia Napa Square. Club Sin veers away from generic chart music and instead plays urban hits, covering hip-hop, bashment and much more.

Carwash Ayia Napa

Carwash disco

If you’re hoping for a wild night with unexpected turns, look no further than Carwash Disco. This eccentric club plays cheesy tunes from back in the day, attracting visitors of every age and nationality. 

Club Ice Ayia Napa

Club Ice

Another mainstay of the island is Club Ice, also located in Ayia Napa Square. Club Ice hosts some of the biggest events in Ayia Napa, including its legendary foam party and popcorn party! Keep an eye out for the guest DJs who make regular appearances here.

Black N White Club Ayia Napa

Black N White Club 

For a reliably great night out, take yourself down to Black N White Club just off the main square. Open for a longer season than most other clubs in town, Black N White has been serving Ayia Napa partygoers for over 25 years. Have your camera ready – celebs are often spotted at this vibey destination.

Ayia Napa Bars

Where would we be without bars? Whether you want to pre-drink before the clubs open or you’re looking to give your feet a night off, here are the best Ayia Napa bars.

The Square Bar Ayia Napa

The Square Bar

Yep, you guessed it – the Square Bar can be found in Ayia Napa Square. Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as a huge array of drinks, there’s a reason Square Bar is always heaving with patrons.

Liquid Café Bar Ayia Napa

Liquid Café Bar

Another bar/restaurant near the main square is Liquid Café Bar. This spot is a bit sleeker and more stylish than your average watering hole, serving an extensive selection of premium teas and coffees alongside the usual alcoholic drinks.

Jungle Bar Ayia Napa

Jungle Bar

One of the newest places to spend your evening is Jungle Bar. With old-school music, a jungle theme (including swings!) and friendly bar staff, you might be tempted to stay all night.

Bedrock Inn Ayia Napa

Bedrock Inn 

When it comes to themed bars, few do it quite so well as Bedrock Inn. Immediately recognisable with its prehistoric-looking décor, this is the only bar in Ayia Napa where Fred Flintstone would settle right in.

Senior Frog’s Ayia Napa

Senior Frog’s

Senior Frog’s always draws a big crowd, thanks to the effort they put into entertaining. Silliness is the order of the day here, with everything from comedy sets to karaoke perking up the mood.

Levels Beach Bar Ayia Napa

Levels Beach Bar

Spend the day sleeping off your hangover under a private gazebo at Levels Beach Bar. A 20-minute walk from Nissi Beach, the bar offers stunning ocean views and a cocktail menu with something for everyone. Hair of the dog, anyone?

Ayia Napa Nightlife FAQs

Does Ayia Napa have good nightlife?

Ayia Napa’s nightlife is world-renowned and one of the best in Europe. Budget-friendly, diverse and generally safe, it’s one of the top choices for party lovers looking to let loose.

What time do clubs open and close in Ayia Napa?

Most clubs in Ayia Napa let people in at around 10 pm, while bars often open their doors earlier. If you’re keen to get the party started even sooner, there are plenty of cafes and restaurants serving drinks all day long. When it comes to closing times, some places will kick you out at about 2 pm but all of the biggest clubs stay open until at least 4 am.

How expensive is Ayia Napa nightlife?

Ayia Napa nightlife is relatively cheap compared to the UK, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have to watch your pennies. Drinks can cost anywhere from €2-6, depending on the bar and what it is you order. Most venues don’t charge entry but if you’re heading to a superclub to watch a guest DJ, you could be looking at ticket prices of up to €25.

What is the main strip in Ayia Napa?

The main strip in Ayia Napa is considered to be Ayia Napa Square and the surrounding streets. This is where you’ll find the biggest and broadest selection of bars and clubs. 

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