Quitting your job to work abroad: 6 Tips for how to let your employer down gently

Leaving a job to work abroad is a big decision, especially if you have worked there for a long time and built good relationships. Telling your boss isn’t easy, but it is likely they will be more understanding than you think. Follow the steps below to leave on great terms and leave on a positive!

1) Talk to your boss about your plans well in advance.

This will give them time to adjust and start looking for a replacement. You may have a notice period but it won’t hurt to give them a little extra time.

2) Be honest about your reasons for wanting to leave.

If you’re simply looking for a change of scenery, let them know. People move on and it won’t be the first time someone has walked into their office with a resignation. If anything, they will probably be happy for you making such a bold move to explore the world. Going to work abroad can be a great career move, so think of it as a huge step forward.

3) Be prepared for questions

It might come as a shock to an employer, and they might have questions about when you will leave and where you are up to work work responsibilities. Be open with them and understanding that it can be quite stressful for them to replace you.

4) Offer to help with the transition by training your replacement or assisting with the hiring process.

It might be easy to throw in the towel early when they have found your replacement, but sticking around to help with a handover will make the leaving process smooth and stress free. You never know when you might cross paths with people again, so it is always good to leave on good terms where possible.

6) Give notice in person, if possible. This shows respect and consideration for your employer.

Don’t send an email or a text. Be a human! By having a face to face chat, it allows you to let them down gently. Dropping a bombshell into their inbox is a guaranteed way to make an manager angry and can come across disrespectful.

7) Go for a social send off with the team!

End on a positive note by wishing your employer and co-workers the best. A lot of people who work abroad sometimes need to return and may be able to return to their previous job after the season ends. It is always useful to keep the door open, just incase!

Once you have given your notice and gone about it in the right way, you can look forward to enjoying the Summer of a lifetime!

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