The 10 Best Places to Work in Magaluf

It’s no secret that Mallorca is packed with some of Spain’s best bars, restaurants, and nightclubs. With its turquoise waters and soft sandy beaches, travellers from all over the world come to Mallorca to work, party, and dance the Summer away. Expect to enjoy some of the best food and drink in the region while swaying to beats spun by world-class DJs.

If you’re looking to earn great money while working as a bartender, security staff, shot seller, or PR agent – look no further than Mallorca’s stunning coastal town, Magaluf. To live and work in Magaluf is every adventurer’s dream.

Magaluf is a popular destination for summer work because the wages are very high! Average wages can be around €75 per day, and that’s not including tips or commission. The right position can easily bring over €100 per shift.

Hours and shifts will vary depending on the type of work you choose. Ticket selling usually takes place during daytime hours – while you playfully network with tourists to get them pumped for the night ahead. Jobs at nightclubs and bars usually start later, leaving your days free to explore as you please. The average shift length is between 4-6 hours, leaving you plenty of free time to enjoy the best of Magaluf’s attractions. Below, we’ll lay out the top spots in Magaluf where you can earn a great living while enjoying everything the island has to offer.

Best Places to Work (and Play) in Magaluf:

Stereo Bar

With indoor-outdoor dining, delicious cocktails, flavorful hookah, and fantastic DJs, Stereo Bar offers tourists a fantastic venue to relax and enjoy the best of Magaluf.

Job-seekers: Find great opportunities to earn big tips as shot sellers, bar staff, or gogo dancers at Stereo Bar.

Opening Hours: 10AM-4AM daily.

Location: Carrer Punta Ballena, 2, 07181 Magaluf, Mallorca.

BH Mallorca

BH Mallorca has it all! From its famous water park and busy nightclub, the BH Mallorca resort is a top choice for any tourist. Due to the size of this sprawling resort and its popular entertainment venues, there are also many job opportunities at BH Mallorca.

For workers: Speak more than one language? This might be the place for you! Daytime and evening jobs within the hotel, water park, and various dining venues offer competitive salaries for the summer.

Location: Av. Palmeres, 12, 07181 Magaluf, Mallorca.

Reception is open 24-hours for the hotel. Regular work hours apply to waterpark, hospitality, and the Island Beach Club.

Red Lion

In the heart of the Magaluf strip, the Red Lion showcases live sports on its sunny terrace – and turns into a spicy club after sunset!

Available jobs: Shot sellers, bartenders, drink reps, and security staff can find fun summer jobs at the Red Lion.

Location: Calle de la Punta Ballena, 07181 Magaluf, Mallorca. Hours: 9AM- 3:30AM daily.

Bondi Beach

Looking for a picturesque location to enjoy some of the best paella in Mallorca? Bondi Beach is a beachfront bar & grill serving up some of Spain’s best cuisine. Top shelf cocktails and fresh ingredients make this a first-class tourist destination.

For jobseekers: At Bondi Beach, summer workers can earn top wages in a trendy restaurant serving the finest cuisine to beautiful travelers.

Hours: 10AM-2:30AM daily.

Location: Paseo Marítimo de Magaluf 7, 07181, Mallorca.

Tom Brown’s

Missing that British food on your travels through Spain? Look no further than Tom Brown’s. Situated on the beachfront, diners can find their favourite British Sausages, baked beans, and Red Hereford Steak. This casual restaurant has a large capacity and can cater to any group size.

For workers: Tom Brown’s offers a steady stream of hungry diners ready to tip big after sharing pints with friends.

Location: Carrer Contralmirall Pou, 2, 07181 Calvià, Mallorca.

Hours: 8AM-11:30PM daily.

The MCP Clubs

If you want to party in Magaluf – you’ll need to get your hands on an MCP (Magaluf Club Pass). With this pass, you’ll have 7 nights of access to all MCP clubs, including events. Foam parties, celebrity events and more – available for around 30 Euros per night. Gain access to Boomerangs Nightclub, Boomerang Terrace, Carwash Nightclub, Bananas Nightclub, Honey Lap Dance, and Tokio Joes Nightclub all with one wristband. MCP is a smart way to save money while hitting all the best clubs.

Job seekers: Promoters and ticket sellers can find great opportunities to network on the island and sell MCP wristbands to tourists.

Location: Carrer Martín Ros García, 11, 07181 Torrenova, Mallorca. Hours vary.

Oceans Beach Club

Voted “Best Beach Club in Magaluf” – Ocean’s Beach Club is everything you’d expect from this famous Spanish isle. Rent a VIP bed and enjoy bottle service during their famous daily pool parties. With stunning panoramic views of the Mediterranean and plenty of celebrity sightings, Oceans Beach Club should not be missed.

For those looking for work: Bartenders, cocktail waitresses, and security staff can make an excellent living while soaking up the Spanish sun at Oceans Beach Club.

Location: C/General Garcia Ruiz 1, Calvia Beach Resort, 07181, Mallorca.

Hours: 12PM-10PM daily.


With 4 bars and a game room, Alex’s is a legendary party destination for the adventurous traveller. Dancers in separate bars move to their own unique music and atmosphere. Alex’s truly has something for everyone! Book a VIP table or hen party, and get bottle service while you dance the night away.

Job seekers: Dancers, bar staff, security, and DJs will have plenty of opportunities to showcase their skills in each of Alex’s diverse party settings.

Location: Carrer General García Ruiz, 3, 07181 Torrenova, Mallorca.

Hours: 10AM-4AM daily.

Tokio Joes

Part of the MCP wristband, Tokio Joes is your spot if you love hip hop and R&B. Resident DJs spin the hottest jams in one of the most popular clubs on the strip. Boasting 4 bars and open until sunrise, Tokio Joes is a trademark Magaluf hotspot.

Looking for work? Ticket sellers, promoters, and DJs can find regular summer work at this famous nightclub.

Location: Carrer Punta Ballena, 7, 07181 Torrenova, Mallorca.

Hours: 11PM-6AM daily.

Mambo’s Terrace

Touted as Magaluf’s largest outdoor party venue, Mambo’s Terrace hosts everything from DJ dance parties to live broadcasts of sporting events from around the world. With its 7-meter-wide HD screen, clubbers can watch their favourite football stars dominate the field while they sip and play in the sun. With such a large venue, Mambo’s Terrace offers great job opportunities for bar staff, DJs, MCs and security.

Location: Carrer Punta Ballena, 18, 07181 Torrenova, Mallorca.

Hours: 12PM-4AM daily.

Live the Dream!

In the end, if you’re planning to travel to the Balearic Islands of Spain you won’t want to miss out on Mallorca – es la caña! For those who wish to extend their travels and find work on the island, there are endless possibilities. If you’re planning to move to Mallorca for the summer, it’s recommended that you start looking for work in the early spring.

Once you arrive, don’t be shy! Enjoying your time in Magaluf will be enhanced by your ability to network on the job and meet new people. The whole island of Mallorca has so much to offer, and everyone you meet will help you weave a beautiful experience during your stay. ¡Buena suerte trabajadores, viajeros, y fiesteros!

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