The Ultimate Zante Nightlife & Clubbing Guide

Zante, also known as Zakynthos, is just as well known for its wild nightlife as its unbelievable beaches and crystal-clear water. You can spend the day out visiting the Greek island’s famous blue caves, before shifting into clubbing mode when the evening comes.  
But in order to get the most out of your Zante summer job or holiday, you need to know where the best bars and clubs to hit up are. So, here’s our guide to Zante’s nightlife.

Zante Nightlife Overview

If you’re a fan of clubbing then you’ve probably heard about Zante’s nightlife, even if you haven’t experienced it. Every summer, tourists flock to the stunning island’s coastal resorts to go crazy and have a good time.

Most visitors are in their late teens or early twenties, so this really is a party destination for the younger folk among us. If that sounds like you, you’ll have a great time soaking up the sun and making like-minded friends in a laidback setting. 

Fortunately, Zante’s popularity means that there are loads of clubs and bars playing all kinds of music. Revellers spill out into the streets, creating an immersive and energetic atmosphere wherever you go. 

If it all gets a bit too much, you can mix things up by heading to one of the beautiful beachfront bars. Here, you’ll find a slower pace and the chance to put your feet up with a cocktail for a few hours. 

Zante Nightlife Areas

There are a few different nightlife areas to explore in Zante. Let’s take a look at what each one has to offer.


When you think of a party holiday in Zante, you’ll likely be picturing Laganas. This is where the youngest and most vibrant nightlife is, with Laganas strip playing host to an endless choice of lively bars and clubs. 

Zakynthos Town

Zante’s capital city has all of the diversity that you’d expect from the island’s cosmopolitan hub. This tends to be where tourists of all ages stay, so you’ll find everything from crazy nightclubs to fancy wine bars and more. 


A short drive south of the capital is Argassi, a coastal resort town. The nightlife here is a little tamer than on Laganas Strip, but there are still a fair few bars to explore, so it’s well worth a visit.

Zante Clubs

Now, for the moment you’ve been waiting for… let’s get to the clubs! It was hard to narrow this list down, but we’ve managed to pick out the best Zante clubs for a range of different tastes.

Rescue Club Zante

Rescue Club

First up is Rescue Club, an icon of Laganas Strip for over 30 years. Rescue can hold 2,000 partygoers, which is probably why it’s the number-one spot for special events and visiting DJs.

Plus Club Zante

Plus Club

Zante’s second superclub is Plus Club, which is also located on the strip. Plus is split into two main areas – a chill-out bar space at the front and a late-night clubbing venue at the back. A resident DJ plays every night of the week and the club stays open till 6 am on weekends.

Cherry Bay Zante

Cherry Bay

Another big player on the strip is Cherry Bay, which has recently expanded to fit even more partygoers in. If you’re working a season in Zante, you have to experience the Cherry Bay Weekender, where all of the resort’s staff stay up dancing till 8 am.


If you want to be wowed then you need to check out Zeros. Between the bartenders’ risqué tricks and the fire breathers roaming the floor, you won’t know where to look!

Waikiki Nightclub Zante


Hidden away in a penthouse at the bottom of the strip is Waikiki, which has a slightly more upmarket feel. A popular late-night venue, Waikiki opens at 1 am and plays a mixture of RnB and hip-hop.

Zante Bars

Every great night out in Zante starts at one of its many bars. Ok, so they actually start at pre-drinks in your apartment… but who’s counting those?!

Fishbowl Zante


Fishbowl is a popular choice for those warming up before hitting the big clubs. The staff are friendly, they have banging cocktails, and you might even be treated to a fire-swallowing show if you’re lucky!

Drunk Corner Zante

Drunk Corner (Corner 45)

Heading a couple of miles east of the main strip is Drunk Corner. This is a popular daytime drinking spot, as it’s near some of the island’s worker accommodation. Just sit back and watch the poor souls doing the walk of shame as they pass.

Lucky’s Zante


Lucky’s serve food and beers, and will put the footie on if you ask them to. We love it here – the burgers are some of the best in town and everything’s reasonably priced… what more could you want?

Sugar Lounge Zante

Sugar Lounge

We often recommend starting the night at Sugar. There’s no standout décor or crazy theme but the staff are nice, the drinks are cheap and you’re guaranteed to have a good time.

3 Lions Bar Zante

3 Lions

At the far end of Laganas strip is 3 Lions. Despite the English name, 3 Lions prides itself on serving local drinks and high-end spirits. It’s one to visit if you’re looking for a more cultured experience.

Zante Nightlife FAQs

Which part of Zante has the best nightlife?

Without a doubt, Laganas Strip has the best nightlife in Zante. It’s where all of the main clubs and bars are, as well as where you’ll the people most interested in partying till late. Other nightlife hotspots include Argassi, Zante Town and Tsilivi, but none of them hold a torch to Laganas.

What time do clubs shut in Zante?

The clubs basically never shut in Zante! All day long you can kick back with a bev at one of the many daytime cafes and restaurants. From about 7 pm, the bars come alive and from 10 pm onwards, so do the clubs. There are lots of late-night venues to choose from, where you’ll be able to live it up on the dancefloor until 8 am!

What month is best for Zante?

Zante’s a lovely place to visit through most of the year but if you want to get the most from the party season, you’re best off going between June and September. We think June is a great time to go, when the amount of visitors is heating up but the weather isn’t too intense yet! 

Is there a dress code for clubs in Zante?

If there’s an event on, then you might be required to wear appropriate clothing and some of the superclubs might have their own rules. But, generally speaking, Zante is very much a come-as-you-are kind of place.

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