What to pack for a Summer season abroad

Packing for a Summer season abroad can be challenging. There is only so much luggage allowance and a lot to think about before heading out on your work adventure abroad! Well Ace Working Holidays are here to help.

In this article, we’ll look at tips on what to pack for a Summer season!

How much luggage should I bring? How much luggage is allowed? What are the absolute essentials for a working holiday? This article will look at some of our favourite summer working holiday destinations and what you’ll need for the most comfortable haul.

Flip Flops 

If you’re headed to a destination with an abundance of sandy beaches, then don’t forget your flip-flops! You’ll need these for the beach and also in shower areas.

You might think your apartment floor will stay pristine, but let’s be honest cleaning won’t always be the top of your list…flip flops are a great idea for wearing round your apartment. You can easily pick up flip flops, but you might find the local shop less fashionable than your own choice!


Most of our resorts have an amazing beach, aswell as boat parties and pool parties. You want to treat your swimwear as an essential or you might end up with emergency swim-shorts that won’t help you on the pull!

You’ll probably want to pack quite a few items of swimwear as you will wear this most days! For your day at the beach, or even if you decide to take a dip in that pool. Ibiza and Magaluf have amazing beach clubs where you probably want to pull out all the stops when it comes to swimwear!


Suncream is an important thing to pack when you go abroad this summer, no matter where you’re headed. It’s vital if your destination has a higher UV index than where you live in the UK or America. Ensure that the sunblock contains a high SPF (SPF 50+), and also be sure to read reviews about whichever product you choose so that it doesn’t weigh down your skin!


Suncream is the obvious to protect your skin from the rays, but sunglasses are just as important. Try to check the UV protection as some cheap sunglasses don’t always offer a good barrier. You are going to be spending a lot of time looking into the blue sky of our resorts such as Zante, so don’t forget the eyewear – you will thank the advice one day!

Also, don’t spent too much money of designer shades, the amount of sunglasses lost after a few drinks…

Luggage Lock

Luggage locks are essential when you’re working abroad. They will help to keep your belongings safe and deter any opportunistic thieves. We don’t wan’t to worry you however although it is rare, this does happen. Some suitcases some with locks but you can buy these separately too.

We also recommend packing some clothes and underwear/swimwear in your hand luggage incase this goes missing when flying out!

Passport and Visa

You need to check before flying the guidance on the country you are visiting whether that be one of our Spanish resorts or our Greek islands of Malia and Kavos.

If you’re working abroad for the first time, make sure to have a valid passport with at least six months of validity. Recently since Brexit the government has also changed their guidelines so keep a check of their website here. You should also obtain any appropriate visas before departing on your trip! Our reps will help you tick off what you need.

Cheap Phone

If you’re headed to a destination with many people, and cell reception is low or non-existent, then this might be your best bet. They may not be cool, but losing it on a night out won’t be as drastic as losing your smartphone might be. You’ll still be able to contact anyone and there are some popular networks in resort for Pay as you Go such as Lebara, one of the best networks for European resorts.

British Snacks

British snacks are something you should pack if you’re headed to a destination that has different food and cultures. You might be away from home for weeks, so it’s essential to have some of your favorite things with you in the meantime! Also, it’ll make sure that nothing is too unfamiliar while abroad, which can often lead people back into homesickness.


A CV is a document that helps to summarise your work experience and qualifications. When you’re looking for employment this Summer, it’s handy to have one just incase. You probably won’t need it, but for some roles and employers they might ask for your experience.

Relevant Currency

If you’re going abroad for a whole Summer, then it’s critical make sure you have the right country’s currency! You may find some places do take Sterling, but you will definitely pay a higher exchange rate! Use a website like Money Saving Expert to find tips and tricks on when and where to get your travel money.

Great Attitude

Many people say that you should always take a positive attitude with you on an adventure! This applies to finding work. Not all employers will necessarily be looking for the most experience, but rather the most reliable!

Netflix Subscription

Netflix is a great way to relax and watch some TV series while working abroad. After a night on the Ayia Napa strip you might be feeling a little fragile, so a chill day with a few movies will be just what you need to recharge. The best thing about it is that you can access Netflix anywhere – just check their FAQ for any changes there might be using it abroad.

What you pack during your working summer season abroad will most likely impact the enjoyment and experience you may have. So remember to pack what you need, and bring some things that feel like home.

Thinking of working abroad?

Applications are now open for our resorts so check out each destination, pack your bags and apply to become an ACE worker today!

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