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DJ Jobs

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Our reps will help you find a type of job to suit and arrange job trials in the resort.

DJ Job Description

Like any resort, finding a DJ job in Malia is not going to be easy. You are going to need to get your name out there and be open to finding a job behind the bar or having enough funds to buy some time. Get to know people in the resort who may give you a shot, if you perform well you may land a job as a DJ. If you already have a big profile in the UK then this will go in your favor when applying to bars and clubs.

Job Duties

  • Play the best tunes, to keep the atmosphere alive!
  • Make sure all your music is legal.
  • Use the mic to get the crowd going.

Working Hours

Hours vary, you may have a club set or you may work a longer or shared shift in the bars.

Average Salary

Varies on experience.