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Dancer Jobs Abroad

Dancer Summer Jobs

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Our reps will help you find a type of job to suit and arrange job trials in the resort.

Spend the summer dancing!

Dancers can add something extra to a venue and help attract more people in and keep them there. You will need some kind of talent to attract an employer and could be working anywhere from a podium in a nightclub to a bar top or boat. Dancers are in high demand during peak season and if you have the skills, this is a great way to spend your summer!

From superclub performances to coyote ugly

Working as a dancer in a resort can be demanding, but if you’ve a passion for it you can really have fun! Employers don’t always ask for experience, but you will need to show you can perform. Some days will be busier than others if you are practicing or attending auditions, but overall the hours are shorter than most jobs. Dancing will typically involve.

  • Performing dance routines, set or improvised.
  • Learning new routines & attending auditions.
  • Practising & keeping fit for the role.
  • Training new starters.

Working Hours

Typically shorter hours than most other roles, but days can be longer if attending auditions or practicing.

Average Salary

From 60 Euros upwards per day.