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Restaurant Jobs Abroad

Restaurant Staff

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Our reps will help you find a type of job to suit and arrange job trials in the resort.

Flexible hours and free food!

Restaurant jobs are very popular in resorts due to most offering more flexible hours when compared to others. You could find yourself in a variety of different roles within a restaurant from PR jobs attracting people in, to waiting on tables or even working in the kitchen. You can expect a basic wage with most employers also including tips.

Serving, prepping and keeping tourists happy and full!

Every resort will have a good variety of restaurants that will all need staff, so these jobs can be easier to come by. Previous experience isn’t necessarily required for some roles with the exception of managerial and chef. You will be dealing with people, so customer service skills are important. Tasks will vary depending on the job role, but will typically include.

  • Greeting customers and showing them to their table.
  • Taking orders & payments.
  • Preparing food and drinks.
  • Keeping your area clean and tidy.
  • Clearing tables.

Working Hours

Longer hours tend to be during the day. Typically you will work split shifts that will vary depending on the venue

Average Salary

From 50 Euros per day.