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Hotels, Airport and Holiday Rep Guides

There are a variety of sub-roles within the general holiday rep position. They all require you to take care of guests from the moment they book their holiday or land their chosen destination. Sometimes you will be required to meet them at the airport and guide them to their transfers.

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The duties of a your Job as a holiday rep depend on the company you are employed by. Large providers such as TUI and Jet2 will employ their own reps, and some hotel chains will also have an in-house team. Some of the every day tasks include:

  • Meet & Greet at the airport.
  • Help with Transfers and checking into hotels.
  • You will be a local knowledge guide for guests.
  • Handle any complaints with professionalism.
  • Help with lost baggage & general enquiries.

Working Hours

Shifts often vary as a holiday rep due to the early and late arrival times of flights. You may be required to do split shifts and may get one or 2 days off per week.

Average Salary

Salaries vary dependant on resort but are generally between 50 and 70 Euros per day.