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Be confident and able to hold a crowd

Working as a PR is all about attracting customers to your venue. Employers need people who can grab people’s attention and get them in! You’ll need bags of confidence to approach holidaymakers and chat to convince them to make a stop. Sounds simple, but you’ll need resilience, a fun, outgoing personality and plenty of stamina.

Keep the bar busy and the atmosphere buzzing

Every bar, club and restaurant in the resort will need PR’s. This is why it’s one of the easier roles to come by, but to be successful you’ll need to keep your venue busy. Trying to attract customers isn’t always straightforward, it could be with a drinks offer, an appealing venue or just plain old charm! Working as a PR will typically include.

  • Approaching holidaymakers. 
  • Interacting and chatting with people.
  • Being confident, bubbly and engaging.
  • Trying to keep your venue busy.

Working Hours

Hours will depend on the venue, but typically these are 8pm-3am for bars and 10pm to 4am for clubs.

Average Salary

From 55 Euros per shift.