How to become a DJ in Ibiza

If you are an up and coming DJ, then one of the biggest dreams you will most likely have is to become a DJ in Ibiza. It’s the destination for party-goers who want to have a week off in the sun, spend some quality time with their friends and listen to great music.

Many famous DJ’s regularly appear in Ibiza year in, year out, playing in some of the biggest bars and clubs. This means it’s even more important than ever to get your name out there and start associating yourself with these big players.

How hard is it to get an Ibiza DJ job?

When it comes to Ibiza, there are many ways to find a DJ job. You could look to Dj at bars, clubs, on party boats or one of the top hotels. Ibiza has a whole plethora of options, you’ve just got to find the right one for you. Being one of the party capitals in the world, there are many opportunities that you can take advantage of.

DJ on a Boat

One of the best ways to have a party in Ibiza is on a boat, which is why many DJ’s are employed to do so. Afterall, have you really been to Ibiza if you haven’t danced to great music, whilst enjoying a drink out at sea? Some of the top boat parties that you should be looking out for and approaching for a DJ job are:

  • Ibiza Sea Party: This 4 hour all-inclusive drinks, boat party that provides some of the biggest entertainment on board. As a Dj, you’ll be sure to help put on a great party.
  • Oceanbeat: Hosting some of the biggest boats parties in Ibiza, they hold the record for the most DJ’s on one boat.
  • The Ibz Boat Party: Enjoy their famous boat party getting the crowd going on the decks, then finish the night in with free entry to Ushuaïa or Hï Ibiza.
Ibiza Boat Party Jobs

DJ at the clubs

The reason most people travel to Ibiza is for the clubs and the great DJ’s. By getting your name out there, word will travel and hopefully, more and more people will turn up to watch you play. The more you are known, the greater the chance of you being asked to play in some of the biggest clubs in Ibiza.

It could be that you start as a support DJ and work your way up. Some of the biggest clubs in Ibiza to look out for are:

  • Hï: One of the newest venues, Hï Ibiza is a fully decked out club waiting for some major DJ’s to entertain. With state of the art production, there will be many world-class DJ’s looking to perform on stage.
  • Ushuaia: Hosting world-class parties every day from 5:00pm until 12:00pm, Ushuaia Ibiza Beach Club is the place to be as a DJ. It is known for being one of the go to clubs when staying in Ibiza. The venue also hosts amazing live acts from all over the world.
  • Privilege: With a capacity of 10,000, Privilege is a must for party-goers visiting Ibiza. Many famous faces have entertained here, throwing some of the best parties from around the world.

Hotel Dj Jobs

  • For holidaymakers travelling to Ibiza, the hotel they stay at is just as important as the clubs and bars they can visit. With many hotels wanting to keep guests entertained, some hotels throw impressive parties, hiring some of the best DJ’s for it. Just like a boat party, a pool party is just as important when visiting ibiza.
    Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel: A Hotel and a club all in one. As a DJ, it is an honour to be part of some of the crazy parties that Ushuaïa hosts.
  • Hard Rock Ibiza: Pool Parties all day every day, Hard Rock Ibiza is well known for having dj’s playing all day and night, playing some of the best tunes around. The hotel itself is luxurious and has some great rooms to stay in.

Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel and Hard Rock Ibiza are two of the most known hotels for throwing world-renowned parties in Ibiza. Although these are the two main hotels, there are other smaller hotels that throw smaller pool parties.

It’s always worth getting in touch with these smaller hotels as they are always looking to take on Dj’s and give them some experience. The experience these smaller venues offer could be invaluable in landing a big gig. You might even find a resident hotel job that includes accommodation.

Dj at the Bars

The bars in Ibiza also play a major role when it comes to entertaining guests and listening to great music, and DJ’swhilst having a drink. Throughout Ibiza there are a whole plethora of bars that you can go to when starting the night, warming them up before heading out to some of the major clubs. As a DJ it’s important to put on a great performance at these bars as this is where guests may come back to the next day, to listen to you play. Also, other venues may start to hear about you and approach you to be one of their DJ’s.

Club Jobs Ibiza

Do I have to Dj Dance music?

Simply put, no. Depending on the venue that you are DJ’ing at may decide on the type of music you will need to play. Some of the bigger venues may require you to do so, but if that’s something you are not interested in, then you can find another venue that matches the type of music you want to play.

The best location for Dj work?

Ibiza is filled with places to work and is host to some of the most popular clubs in the world. Some of the best places to go include Playa d’en Bossa which is situated on the east of the island with the longest beach in Ibiza. It has a range of clubs, including the most famous open-air venue in the world, Ushuaia.

San Antonio is also a great location for DJs and is where you can find the sunset strip; Ibiza Rocks, O Beach Ibiza and Ibiza Rocks Hotel are some of the top spots for DJs to play their sets.

Ibiza Town is another brilliant spot for DJs and you can find the famous superclub Pacha, as well as smaller and more intimate places to play your set, such as Lio and Heart.

Check out our Ibiza guide to find out more!

Top tips for finding your dream Ibiza Dj job

With DJ’ing being very popular in Ibiza, it’s always important to prepare and put yourself in the best position possible when applying for jobs. Below we have put together several tips that you should consider when trying to get your dream DJ job in Ibiza.

Be Patient

Unless you are a really experienced DJ, then it would be silly to think you can go straight to the top and dj at some of the biggest clubs in Ibiza. Instead be patient and work your way up. It doesn’t matter if you have to start at a bar, use that as a start and then aim for higher. Sometimes it can be frustrating and you may receive a lot of no’s but as they so every no is one step nearer to a yes.


As with most things in life, it’s who you know that can help. Make sure you regularly network with different people within the industry to get your name out there. You never know, you may happen to speak to the right person and land yourself a big DJ job. If you know of any event organisers, make sure you get in touch and put your name forward.

Don’t set your bar too high

As a DJ it’s important to take what you get offered. Don’t be picky and set your sights too high. If you have to start at a bar and work your way up to playing for the major hotels, then so be it. Every performance you do is even more experience and will help get your name out there. After you have performed a few times you may catch the attention of a particular organiser who could get in touch for you to perform at their event.

Be Brave

Ibiza can be an intimidating place and run at a very fast pace. It’s ok to feel nervous, but at the same time, be brave. If you get offered a set, go for it, it may be a little scary but you will do a great job. Make sure you ask the organiser any questions that you may have about the venue, do your homework and prepare yourself.

If you are looking to become a DJ in Ibiza, feel free to get in touch with Ace Working Holidays. They will help you meet potential employers and support you in trying to get a job with them. Before getting in touch, put a plan together and be realistic in what you are looking to achieve.

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