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Shot Seller Jobs Ibiza

Shot Seller Jobs

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Shot Seller Job Description

Almost every bar and club in Ibiza will have this job available, so you won’t be short of choice. many people choose this job as it is flexible and you can earn a lot of commission in the busy periods.  This job isn’t for the shy, as you will be expected to approach groups of holiday makers and turn on your charm.

Job Duties

  • Sell shots to customers.
  • Keep people in the bar by chatting and socialising, keeping spirits high.
  • Be a friendly face of the bar, charming the customers!

Working Hours

The hours are often flexible but it will be evenings and into the early hours. You may start a little later than bar staff for example and finish earlier too! Sometimes you may choose to work more hours than asked to earn more money in busy times.

Average Salary

Salaries depend on how busy the bar is, but also vary month to month. In peak season you might earn 100+ euros in a night, other days this may be lower around 30. It’s good to average this out over the Season, saving while the tide is high!