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DJ Job Description

If you ask most Dj’s where their dream job would be, they are very likely to say Ibiza! For dance music especially. This is where a lot of the big names play, and if you land a residency at a good venue you could find yourself playing alongside some huge names. This comes with a very competitive space, so not only do you have to be a great Dj, you have to charm your way in and get to know the right people much of the time. Don’t give up hope!

Job Duties

  • Keep customers in the bar by playing great tunes!
  • take music and sometimes  karaoke requests depending on the venue
  • Manage the crowds buzz

Working Hours

This depends if you work at a bar or club. At a smaller bar, you may be the only DJ on shift and have to work around 7 hours. In larger bars, you will often share the shifts with another DJ, or many Dj’s with short slots if working at a club. When starting out the hours may not be the best for you, but if you build a good reputation you can request more sociable shifts.

Average Salary

This totally depends on the bar, and your experience. Some Dj’s earn thousands where as others will make around 60-80 euros per shift.