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PR Job Description

As a PR in Ibiza your role is to fill the bar up so the atmosphere is pumping! This challenge is going to vary from bar to bar, as the most popular bars will be much easier to fill. If you think you have the gift of the gab then this is perfect for you. The better you are the more money you can ask from your employers.

Job Duties

  • Get the bar busy with customers.
  • Keep the atmosphere alive.
  • Compete with other bars on the strip for the tourists.
  • Advertise offers and promotions.

Working Hours

You will work fewer hours than bar staff, but usually around 6-7 hours a night. Hours can vary from bars and clubs, with bars usually starting around 8 pm and finishing at 2 am. Clubs may require later starts such as 10 pm, with later finishes around 4 am.

Average Salary

This varies from venue to venue, but usually around 50 euros per night.