Do’s and Don’ts when working abroad

So we’ll keep this nice and simple. Your official Do’s and Don’ts when working abroad for summer 2020.

1.Don’t walk up to night clubs and say “Im a worker” and expect to get in for free. This will probably end if you being bared or having to pay full price instead of workers prices. No one likes a cocky worker.

2. Stay away from drugs. Remember your here to party and make money. By dabbling in the drug scene you’ll soon find yourself on a slippery slope to having no money. Be sensible and say no. Your already living the dream – Drugs are for mugs.

3. Do not climb balconies. As well as being extremely dangerous it is also illegal. We’ve heard many storied over the years with young and drunk tourists climbing balconies when locked out. Simply don’t do it. If your locked out our need help give one of our Ace Reps a call.

4. Don’t store all your money under your bed. Yeh as you can imagine its a no brainer but for those few that where thinking of hiding all their hard earned cash under their bed, simply don! Open up a Bank account or safety deposit box.

5. Do your research before booking your resort. When deciding which resort your going to book research whats on offer ie both jobs and activities. Remember your going to spend your full summer abroad so best to find a resort that suits you.

6. Don’t spend all your money in one week. We often see fresh faced workers arriving for the summer only to realise they possess no will power when deciding on having a night in. They either spend all their money and need to fly home or they drink so much they get sick and need to fly home. Be sensible, have a few mad nights but remember you’ll be their to work so arranging a few job trials with venue owners whilst your out and about can always be helpful.

7.Budget your money per week. Work out your money for RENT & FOOD & how much you’ll be saving each week. This will allow you to set yourself a target of how much money you need to ave before flying off back to Uni or jetting off around the world.

And their we have it some simple Do’s and Don’ts for when working abroad for summer 2020

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Fabio is a resort rep and experienced head hunter. Fabio has a wealth of knowledge in working abroad. Fabio writes regular posts for to advise and share his first-hand knowledge of working in Summer Resorts. The process can be daunting if it your first time, so his articles will answer any questions about how it works and what you might need to prepare. Fabio also shares regular tips and guides on getting the most of your Summer Season.