The Jobs

Find Summer jobs abroad in 2022

Finding a Summer job abroad is a popular choice for students in their gap year, and those looking for an amazing life experience. Once you have decided which resort you want to work in, the next step is to think about what job you would like to do.

Below we have listed a few of the more popular jobs available along with a brief description, average pay & some the advantages. Please bare in mind this should serve as a guide to help you make the best employment choice. Some of the details listed below will inevitably vary between resorts.

Bar jobs

Most Popular

Some employers require more experience than others, but here are a few that you may be interested in if you don’t have previous experience in these roles.

  • Bar Jobs
  • Shot Sellers
  • Glass Collector
  • PR
Ticket Seller Jobs

Sales & PR

If you are energetic and like variety in your job then check these out…

Restaurant Staff

Food & Hospitality

There are lots of jobs available in local restaurants and hotels.

  • Chef
  • Waiter/Waitress
  • Front of House
  • Management
  • Kitchen Staff
  • Security
Specialist Jobs

Specialist Jobs

These often require a level of experience or skill and can be harder to find

  • DJ
  • Body Painter
  • Dancer
  • Photographer
  • Tattoo Artist
  • Hairdresser
  • Beauty Therapist
  • Fitness Instructor
  • Security

Workers’ Resort Guides

We have created a guide for each resort so you have all the information you need to decide where to go!

Our expert reps will help you find your dream Summer Job

Our rep team have more than 25 years of experience between us so, we can help you get season work in Europe, in some cases even before you land. Gone are the days when you could hop on a flight to resort and ask for a job during a night out! We organise recruitment days for you to meet managers, supervisors and showcase your skills, helping you to land your dream job. We’re in regular contact with the managers of all bars, clubs, restaurants, hotels & shops. As soon as jobs become available, you guys are always first to hear.